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We are the authority when it comes to Digital Marketing for Medical Services. Next Level Marketing guarantees highly relevant traffic, and promises that you will receive a lucrative Return on Investment for your practice. It does not matter if you are a plastic surgeon, run a medical spa, or practice dentistry, your patients are in good hands when they come to you. And you are in good hands when you come to us. As part of our commitment to you, we offer a Free Initial Strategy Session, so we know exactly how to strategize to maximize your bottom line.

Top ROI Digital
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ROI Centric SEO/SEM Strategies, Relevant Traffic, More Patients, Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition & Competitive Rates = Best ROI in the Business

Get your FREE PPC Video Audit & Strategy

More Than Just An Automated PPC Report

Backed By 20+ Years Of Online Marketing Data, We Analyze Your Campaign, Highlight Your Deficiencies, And Provide An Advantageous Strategy To Maximize Results. We Will Then Present The Facts To You In A Private Video That You Can Watch At Your Leisure.
  • Free PPC (AdWords/Bing Ads) Audit & Strategy
  • One-On-One Consultation With Our Chief PPC Strategy Officer
  • Free Competitor Analysis
  • Free Landing Page CRO Analysis
  • Free Same Day Custom PPC Strategy Plan & Rate Quote
  • Use Proven Visitor-To-Lead/Sales Conversion Rate Techniques

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Get your FREE SEO Video Analysis & Strategy

More Than Just An Automated SEO Report

Backed By 20+ Years Of Online Marketing Data, We Analyze Your Website And Competition Then Present The Facts To You In A Private Video That You Can Watch At Your Leisure
  • Free SEO Analysis & Strategy
  • One-On-One Consultation With Our Chief SEO Strategy Officer
  • Free Competitor Analysis
  • Free Same Day Custom SEO Protocol & Rate Quote
  • Get The Secret Weapons Used By Top Sites
  • Use Proven Visitor-To-Lead/Sales Conversion Rate Techniques
  • Learn How To Inspire Your Website Visitors

Get your FREE Website Mockup

More Than Just A Website Evaluation

Backed By 20+ Years Of Online Marketing Data, We Analyze Your Website, Target Market, And Competition Then Create A Mockup That Will Produce Maximum Conversion.
  • Free Website Analysis
  • Website Mockup
  • Website Maintenance For 6 Months
  • Free Domain Name Registration
  • 6 Months Of Free Hosting
  • 2 Hours Of Copywriting
  • 2 Hours Of Graphic Design

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Your patients are searching for your medical services right now on Google, Bing and Yahoo! Let us lead them to you and not your competitors.

Legal SEO & Lawyer Search Engine Optimization


Who you have implementing your SEO program makes all the difference. Now is the time to exclusively partner with a team as dedicated to building your practice as you are.

Legal Social Media Marketing


The right Social Media Marketing strategies can generate a huge ROI for your practice. We have the experience to take the social presence of your practice to the Next Level.

Legal PPC


Web design is the first crucial step in any online marketing strategy. We’ll design a custom site for your practice that will increase leads and maximize conversions.

Legal Video Marketing


We have been producing Medical videos for some of the nation’s largest medical practices since 2007. We fly to you, set up the shoots, edit the videos, and deliver the final product within 30 days ― start to finish.



  • Medical videos allow your potential clients to meet you without ever stepping foot in your office.
  • It can show your sincerity and compassion, two traits that don’t necessarily come across from a static website.
  • It connects the user to a real live person rather than a set of content pages.
  • It allows your clients to hear real video testimonials from your past clients which has been found to be 300 times more effective than written reviews.
  • Studies show that adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by as much as 80%.



  • Custom Medical WordPress design
  • Custom Medical WordPress themes
  • Photoshop Mock up of Site
  • Mobile friendly responsive design
  • Professional Medical Graphic Design
  • Medical Logo design
  • Professional Medical Copywriting
  • Medical Social Media Integration
  • Medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • World-Class Medical Website Security
  • MedicalWordPress Training
  • MedicalWordPress Multisite
  • Custom Medical Web-Based Applications
  • Migration of your Medical Website to WordPress
SEO company in South Florida is WordPress Developer Certified


  • We Deliver Amazing Results for Medical Practices
  • 98% of Medical Clients that Work With Us, Stay With Us
  • Experts in Medical Marketing
  • Experience and Longevity in the Medical Industry
  • Exclusivity to Medical Practice area and Demographic
  • ROI Driven (Measured Return)
  • Automated Reputation Management
  • Posting to Over 70 Medical Directories
  • Multi-Prong & Ultra-Aggressive Approach to SEO
  • Handcrafted, Highly Targeted, and Relevant Traffic-Driven Medical PPC Campaigns
  • Medical SEO/SEM Concierge (Personalized Service)
  • NO-Tier Systems
  • Certified, Award-Winning, and Highly Accredited Medical SEO/SEM Firm
  • Medical-Minded, Award-Winning Medical Content Writers
  • Premier Google Partner
  • Bing Elite Agency
  • SEMPO Platinum Member
  • Certified Medical Social Media Professionals
  • Full Service Medical Digital Marketing Agency
  • Medical Consultants on Staff
  • WE DON’T Outsource

Our Clients’ Success Says It All

Next Level Marketing has provided us outstanding service… They have performed outstanding with regard to website design, PR, SEO, Video Production, and we would love to recommend them to others.

– Dr. Matthew J. Elias, DO, FAAD

Medical PPC Guarantee

Most PPC companies don’t offer a guarantee because they are not confident in their abilities. The NLM Medical PPC Guarantee is simple: If you don’t receive at least a 3-1 Return on Investment in month one or two through your managed PPC campaign, you don’t pay us a management fee.

Attorney marketing agency has ROI guarantee

Medical SEO Guarantee

Most Medical SEO companies don’t offer a guarantee because they are not confident in their abilities. The NLM Medical SEO Guarantee is simple: We will rank you on the first page of the major search engines for at least 20 search terms within three months. If not, you don’t pay anything more until we do.



Advertising for Medical Services is a highly specialized industry. Next Level Marketing is one of the very few companies who can get you the results you expect. Many companies claim to be medical marketing gurus. Only select companies like us have the expertise and experience necessary to guarantee you a great Return on Investment.

Next Level Marketing was founded by one of the first professionals to receive AdWords Certification in the entire country. Since he is so well-respected in the medical marketing community, he has attracted top talent from around the globe. Everyone at Next Level Marketing understands that integrity and providing a great Return on Investment is what matters most.

Medicine is a science. Marketing is an art. The competition in medical marketing is incredibly stiff. This drives up costs and prices. When we market for a doctor, surgeon, or dentist online, we are highly specific and comprehensive. A ham-fisted marketing campaign quickly leads to exorbitant costs. Our innovative, multi-prong approach to digital marketing will generate an incredibly strong Return on Investment for you.

Next Level Marketing has been on the bleeding edge of digital trends for a very long time. Our team of elite marketers knows the latest techniques and how to utilize them for your practice. We have even created a few trends. There are no digital marketing agencies like us. Our reputation within the medical community speaks for itself.

One of the many advantages we offer you is a personal touch. We believe in total transparency. Our highly-regarded staff is with you every step of the way. We not only strategize for you, we strategize with you. The first step we undertake is a careful analysis of your current initiatives. Then, we come together in a strategy session to discuss your goals and objectives. After that, we create and execute a customized plan-of-action for your practice.

If you are a general practitioner, we will offer you our expert services. If you are a plastic surgeon, we will offer you our expert services. If you are a dentist, run a medical spa, or do anything in between, we offer you our expert services. Other companies often use your time and money foolishly, like blowing your yearly budget by May. We are in it for the long haul, and build up trust over time. Our significant experience in medical marketing gives us a big leg up on the competition. We bring that advantage to you so you can dominate your area.

We offer a holistic package, including: Medical Search Engine Optimization, Medical Video Production & Video Optimization, Medical Paid Google & Bing/Yahoo! Ads, Medical Paid Social Media Marketing, Medical Reputation Management, Medical Web Design, and much more.

The medical field is our field. Working with us means your patients will find you, and not your competition. We will use our wealth of experience and vast knowledge to propel your medical or dental practice to the “Next Level.”

Our CEO has been on the forefront of medical internet marketing since Google was a class project at Stanford University. He has been written about in the Wall Street Journal along with James Sokolove regarding Pharmaceutical Litigation, exorbitant PPC costs and click-fraud.  And he challenged Google on their click-fraud monitoring system which resulted in a 90 Million Dollar Class Action Lawsuit. He is a true trendsetter in the Digital Medical Marketing community. His passion for the work that he does and for his clients’ success is what sets him apart from the herd.

I’ve worked with Michael Tate for many years. He is one of the most reliable vendors I have had the pleasure of doing business with. He always delivers on time, and below budget. Thanks to Mr. Tate, my website has stayed at the top of Google’s first page, and I have seen a huge increase in relevant traffic, and new clients.

Fred J. Fleming, EsquirePartner with the Sokolove Law Firm

We've gotten a greater number of good quality leads since working with Next Level. Before, we used to get roughly the same numbers, but more than half of them did not close. Now, we make appointments for more than 90 percent of our leads.

PartnerLos Angeles Divorce Firm

A lot of marketers tend to just tell you what they do and tell us to follow it. With these guys, it's collaborative and they're eager. They find out what's out there and just go get results for the client.

CEOMiami Soda Blasters Inc.

Next Level Marketing's knowledge is impressive. I met with quite a few other SEO and marketing firms before this... and this was the first one that was able to give me the reason behind every suggestion they had and then followed through.

Marketing Director(AMR) Acquisitions for Municipal Resources Inc.

We've seen a drastic increase in our rankings for important keywords and have developed a great deal of new business from these keywords. Our organic traffic shows the most impressive increase. New customers are finding us from all around the country because of the work of Next Level Marketing.

Sales ManagerNYC Plastic Surgeon

It was proven very early on that the Next Level team is filled with experts in the industry, and they know their craft, both on the back-end SEO implementations, as well as the content side.

Senior PartnerLarge Personal Injury Firm

They've done an excellent job. We are very satisfied. They give us great reporting. We get full data on cost per lead for the various channels. We're extremely happy with the level of contact that we have with Next Level Marketing.

Payment Processing CompanyCEO