Meet our team


Michael Tate
CEO | Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Tate was one of the pioneers in the pay-per-click advertising industry before the turn of the 21st century. He was one of the first people in the world to gain recognition as a Google AdWords certified partner and started in the internet marketing business before Google was a fledgling start-up.

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linkedin2Michael Murphy
President | CFO

Mr. Murphy is a founding partner of NLM. He was one of the first people in the country to hand code websites using Extensible HTML, and external CSS style sheets at the age of 16.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Ramon Herrera
Chief Operating Officer

Ramon Herrera is Chief Operating Officer at NLM. He is a dangerous web marketing force who specializes in Organic and Paid Search Marketing. Originally starting in the web marketing space as a development tester, Ramon managed the success of hundreds of local, domestic and international campaigns, including multi-million-dollar corporations. It doesn’t matter if a client’s industry is eCommerce, Legal, or Technology – no niche is out of Ramon’s scope of practice.

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Business Development & Operations

PPC Managerlinkedin2Landon Glover, Esq.
Business Development Manager

Landon Glover is a Business Development Manager at Next Level Marketing. He holds his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, with a focus on Entertainment Law and Intellectual Property.

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Business Development Managerlinkedin2Brian Martin
Business Development Manager

Brian is a Business Development Manager at Next Level Marketing. After nearly a decade as an advisor in the financial industry, building and growing relationships with clients on a daily basis, Brian made the transition into healthcare marketing.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Isabella Celis
Executive Assistant

Isabella Celis is the Executive Assistant at Next Level Marketing, working closely with the Business Development team to ensure everything runs seamlessly. She is currently majoring in Marketing and enjoys learning the ins-and-outs of digital marketing and helping businesses grow.

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PPC | Pay Per Click Team

PPC Managerlinkedin2Amir Eldick
Senior PPC Manager

Amir is the Senior PPC Manager here at Next Level Marketing. His specialty is definitely paid advertising on Google and other platforms, but also has had years working with organic search and SEO as well. He has developed and executed paid advertising campaigns for various types of business types and verticals, but his goal in mind for all clients is the same – how do they measure success.

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linkedin2Taylor Baselice
PPC Specialist & Project Manager

Taylor Baselice is a PPC Specialist and Project Manager with several years of experience at Next Level Marketing. Taylor specializes in ROI-focused PPC strategies using Google Ads, Bing Ads, and several other platforms, as well as SEO content writing, and social media marketing. She strongly believes in creating a fashionable and trendy workplace.

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SEO | Search Engine Optimization

PPC Managerlinkedin2Roberto Renteria
Senior SEO Specialist

Roberto Renteria is an SEO Specialist at Next Level Marketing. He holds Various Google Certifications and has over a decade of experience designing and implementing effective online traffic strategies that attract more leads and convert prospects into customers.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Flavia Lima
SEO Specialist

Flavia Lima is an SEO Specialist here at Next Level Marketing. She specializes in drafting efficient website strategies guaranteed to make each business’ site target the most qualified users possible.

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linkedin2Tomas Gallo
Local SEO/Public Relations Specialist

Tomas Gallo is a public relations writer for Next Level SEM. He grew up across four continents and found himself brewing a passion for writing after making Florida his home. He attended the University of North Florida for his bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, which spiked his interest in writing for the media. He began writing content for small businesses, universities and local events which provided a balance between creative and non-fictional writing.

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linkedin2Massimiliano Rotondo
SEO Specialist

Massimiliano Rotondo is a 30 year old SEO Specialist from Italy currently living and working in South Florida. Prior to joining Next Level Marketing, he gained experience working in branding, social media marketing, business development, and now Search Engine Optimization.

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linkedin2David Greenspan
SEO Content Writer & Editor

He’s your favorite writer’s favorite writer & if that isn’t pretentious enough for ya, he has a real nice bridge for sale. With publication credits from both literary journals & marketing sites, David Greenspan is a certified word nerd.

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linkedin2Denise Royal
SEO Content Coordinator

Denise Royal is an experienced writer/editor who specializes in content creation and search engine optimization, including blogging and other content marketing.

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linkedin2Hannah Grogis
SEO Content Writer

Hannah Grogis is a recent graduate from Florida State University, where she received her degree in English with a concentration in Editing, Writing, and Media. Hannah began her content career writing and editing for online publications. She has a passion for creative writing and social media.

linkedin2Jovel Johnson

With years of editing, writing, and media production experience, Jovel Johnson has lent her talents and expertise in front and behind the scenes to various mediums and industries, including journalism, film, music, and corporate marketing.

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WEB | Web Design & Development

PPC Managerlinkedin2Joseph Pagan
UI / UX Architect

Joseph Pagan is a media arts specialist focusing on website design and development. With over 16 years experience Joseph Pagan specializes in Website Design, HTML, CSS, App Design, Graphic Design, Branding and also Product Design/Manufacturing.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Ilyess Oueslati
Web & Graphic Designer

Coming from a family where visual precision was an art practiced with quality, Ilyess Oueslati embarked in the field of web design while preparing for his degree in computer science and multimedia. This was accompanied by the achievement of graphics and web projects dedicated to the professional field.

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Social Media

PPC Managerlinkedin2Lizandra Isern
Social Media Project Manager

Lizandra Isern, Social media ninja. Storyteller. Proud vampire and Kdramas (Google it!) lover. Avid explorer.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Abner Molina
Lead Paid Social Strategist

Abner Molina is the Lead Paid Social Strategist at Next Level Marketing. His creativity and ability to discover markets and penetrate them gives him an upper hand compared to other social advertisers.

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PPC Managerlinkedin2Ariana Briceno
Social Media Assistant

Ariana Briceno is our social media assistant here at Next Level Marketing. She graduated from FIU with a Bachelor’s in Public Relations and with a Certificate in Social Media E-Marketing Analytics. She loves learning new things, is a hands-on learner, and enjoy creating engaging branded content for the social media team. Her creativity is what makes her so special.

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