Prepare for the Shift To Google Analytics 4

The shift away from Universal Analytics (UA) in 2023 is not optional. When the term “sunset” is used, that’s just a gentle way of saying that on that date, UA will no longer be processing data on websites, period. Only a small handful of agencies specialize in the intensive measurement strategy and setup of GA4, one of them being Next Level Marketing. Next Level saw the unique opportunity in this disruptive shift and how it could actually lend itself to giving clients a competitive edge in the future of cookie-less advertising if tackled proactively.

With proper website and GA4 setup and segmentation, you can get an in-depth understanding of what influences your KPIs. Drive more conversions by pinpointing the performance type for each conversion channel as well as the content or marketing campaign that is working best for specific product/service advertisement delivery methodologies.

Measurement Strategy

We know from experience at NLM that the moment you try to follow a one-size-fits-all approach in digital marketing, the campaign will fall flat. We will help you interpret and apply data analytics from your unique business in order to build a custom measurement strategy best suited to either your digital or even offline marketing campaigns.


Google Premier Partner

Know you’re in good hands with an industry-leading Google Premier Partner Agency

Have Confidence in Your Data

Ensure a complete and accurate picture of your data to inform mission-critical decisions

Achieve Higher ROI & Conversion Rates

Accelerate your campaign results, improve UX, and bridge content gaps through actionable insights

Trust The Data You Collect

Google Analytics Audit
With a thorough Google Analytics Audit, you can feel confident about the data collected for your entire analytics account, certain properties, or even specific account views. We offer comprehensive audits that cover everything from international tracking to hyper-focused needs like cross-domain collection, and more!

Measure What Matters- Nothing More, Nothing Less

Measurement Frameworks
We will help you identify the key questions your business needs to answer through analysis and one-on-one sessions. Our senior team of specialists can also provide personalized dashboards so that data is easy to access for anyone in a team or organization, no matter where they are located!

Measure and Track KPIs, Audiences, and Core Objectives

Configuration & Setup
Set up and configure your analytics to work as hard as you do. We can help customize your account for all means of data tracking, including cross-domain metrics like affiliate traffic or social media channels to more advanced features such as eCommerce retailer reports in GTM and server-side tracking.