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Next Level Marketing is one of the leading Search Engine Marketing Firms in America. We are not your average SEM company. We understand that driving traffic and converting traffic are two completely different things, and we fuse our extensive search and advertising experience to build our clients’ brands.

Our specialties include, but are not limited to, Legal and Medical Marketing, which we’ve pioneered for over the past 16 years. In our almost two decades of digital marketing experience, we have managed everything from multi-million-dollar e-commerce sites to a local pet shop’s SEO.

We currently employ over 35 in-house SEO specialists, Google/Bing/Yahoo! Certified Partners, Copywriters, Bloggers, Web Designers, Social Media Experts, and Marketing/Advertising Executives.

Our headquarters is in the Kemet building in beautiful Downtown Fort Lauderdale, and we have satellite offices scattered throughout Central and Northern Florida.

Our Department Heads

The Founder and CEO of NLM is one of the titans of marketing going back to the turn of the century. He was one of the first people in the world to gain recognition as a Google Ads Certified Partner, and started in the digital marketing arena when Google was just a class project at Stanford.

The head of our Legal Division practiced law in Beverly Hills and is a graduate of the University of Miami Law School. He provides motivational speaking to other digital marketers.

The head of our SEO Division was one of the first people in the country to handcode websites using Extensible HTML and external CSS style sheets. He writes for and co-sponsors marketing conferences around the country, providing training to SEO professionals for Fortune 500 companies.

The NLM Approach

NLM takes a different approach to marketing than almost any other firm in the country. We don’t offer multi-tiered packages for our SEO services, and are an “incentive-based” management company. Our services are all inclusive. Each client/website has a different global rank and thus requires a customized level of service to promote & brand their business. Because of this, our first steps are to analyze the client’s current initiatives, provide a strategy session to discuss goals, objectives, and a time line for production, and finally, initiate a proposed plan-of-action. Our proposals will always include what is necessary to succeed and dominate in your industry & demographic.

Message from our President

From PPC, SEO, Social Media Marketing and Web Design, we offer every digital marketing service you’ll ever need.

We want to be your Digital Marketing Partner. We want to help you break records, and then break them again. Our core desire is to partner with you to see you grow and help your business reach the “Next Level.”

-Michael Murphy


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© Copyright 2020 – Next level Marketing | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

© Copyright 2020 – Next level Marketing | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer

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