writing effective meta descriptions

How to Write Meta Descriptions

When it comes to marketing, getting your webpage as high up on the Google search results page is critical for success. There are a variety of techniques to attempt to…

Franchise marketing

Franchise Marketing 101

So you’ve decided to open up a chain business. Congratulations! It’s a big step to take, and a very profitable one too, considering that franchises generate more than $2.1 trillion…

The Game Changer

Link Building: The Game-Changer in SEO

Link building is your secret SEO success sauce. Although the scenery of SEO and link building is always changing, building quality links is vital to be found in search engines….

voice search is about to change everything

Voice Search is About to Change Everything

Recently, a plethora of consumer electronics devices with voice assistant functionality have started invading our living rooms. Products like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and the Apple HomePod are instigating a…