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Clients That Nlm Proudly Serves

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  • Last 3 months compared to the previous period, advertising clicks increased by 51.34%, which translated to over 2,000 more visitors!
  • Unique paid traffic increased by double: 67.32%!
  • Goal completions increased by over 35%! This means hundreds of more customers were contacting their allergy center.
6,000 4,000 2,000
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sept
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

PPC Stats

51.34% 46.57% 38.2% 39.16%

SEO Stats

63.41% 51.78% 35% 36.4%
  • With a solid SEO campaign, UrgentMed has seen continued growth throughout their years of working with Next Level Marketing.
  • Overall Keyword Bank increased by 134.35% over a 3 month period!
  • With an over 100% increase in paid traffic, this leads to more clients and closed cases.
6,000 4,000 2,000
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sept
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

PPC Stats

102.56% 117.48% 91.3% 136%

SEO Stats

156.24% 152.15% 71.99% 242.61%
  • Last 6 months compared to the previous period, revenue from paid online traffic increased by 109.07%, which translated to over 86,800 more visitors!
  • Unique paid traffic increased by over double: 91.10%!
  • Increased advertising clicks by 192% vs the previous year while dropping the cost per click by 58%.
6,000 4,000 2,000
  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • Jul
  • Aug
  • Sept
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec

PPC Stats

192% 84.6% 157.19% 60.30%

SEO Stats

114.91% 120.46% 109.07% 73.5%

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What is
Medical Marketing?

Healthcare is now one of the topmost priorities for households across the country. But as the healthcare market rapidly widens, patients have access to more medical care options than ever before.
Rather than depend only on traditional sources of information and word-of-mouth, prospects in search of a medical practitioner, plastic surgeon, walk-in clinic, dermatologist, dentist, eye care specialist, or medical spa interact with search engines, PPC ads, and even social media. Having a modernized medical marketing strategy has never been more important than right here, right now.
This is where a medical marketing agency with expertise in digital healthcare marketing and advertising solutions really presents its value. It is imperative that you choose an established firm that understands the nuances of patient marketing campaigns and is equipped to deliver the right results while keeping your practice’s compliance-related concerns in mind.
Medical MarketingV2 03

Who Needs
Medical Marketing

Medical marketing involves a comprehensive strategy to promote:

  • Healthcare providers
  • Hospitals
  • Medical centers
  • Private medical practitioners
  • Dental professionals
  • Healthcare networks
  • Caregivers
  • Cosmetic surgeons
  • Non-surgical aesthetic treatment experts
  • Other businesses associated with the healthcare industry
Considering the rapid transformations taking place in the healthcare industry, it is important to work with a digitally-driven medical marketing agency that has the required focus and agility to adapt to these changes and meet or exceed patient expectations through compelling digital advertising, marketing, and promotion campaigns.

Your healthcare marketing partner should be able to communicate your message to your target audience in a subtle yet patient-friendly manner, prioritize the accuracy and reliability of medical information at all times, and above all, build an unshakeable trust in your healthcare brand that encourages patients to reach out and seek your full range of services.

Medical MarketingV2 03

Why Choose a
Medical Marketing Agency?

Partnering with a medical marketing agency means immediate access to the experience and resources your practice needs to have a multi-pronged medical marketing strategy. The right medical marketing agency will have the data, tools and techniques to identify and connect with prospects in your local area and ensure that your healthcare brand message reaches them and resonates with them.

Beyond enhancing paid and organic engagement with your website, blog, or social media networks, a multi-pronged medical marketing approach focuses on optimizing the conversion rate of those prospects into actual patients who want to make an appointment with your practice and visit you for treatment, now and beyond.

When you choose a medical marketing agency, you’re not only getting more leads, you’re going to convert more leads, too.

A dedicated medical marketing agency will have the expertise in the following digital strategies to drive patient volumes at your healthcare practice at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Group 49
Group 49

Medical Spa

As a medical spa proprietor, you use cutting-edge medical techniques to keep your clients looking beautiful, youthful, and confident. Just as your tools and techniques evolve with time, so too should your marketing strategies. At Next Level Marketing, we specialize in developing dynamic marketing strategies for clients in the medical spa space, and we can do the same for you.
We Deliver Beautifully Built Medical Spa Marketing Campaigns
With 20-plus years of experience in digital marketing, our medical spa marketing campaigns are second to none. With an organic marketing strategy, you can rapidly ascend the SEO rankings and forge a foundation for your spa that will stand the test of time.
Our dynamic and award-winning PPC marketing campaigns can siphon traffic to your website through the use of intuitive and engaging advertisements.
From social media marketing to web design, paid advertising, and more—we have the team and the tools to share your medical spa with the world.
Medical MarketingV2 07

Plastic Surgery

Your eye for aesthetics is unmatched. Your precision is razor-sharp. But if your plastic surgery marketing strategy is lagging behind, all of the talent and training in the world means nothing if prospects aren’t discovering your practice.
But luckily, there’s still hope.
Since the infancy of internet marketing, Next Level Marketing has pioneered plastic surgery marketing campaigns that have weathered recessions and stood tall against algorithmic shifts to Google’s ranking protocols.
If you’re a plastic surgeon that’s looking to super-charge lead generation and expand your organic outreach with a strategy that adapts to the changing tides, the solution is simple: you need a Next Level Marketing
digital marketing campaign.
We Sculpt Superbly Crafted Plastic Surgery Marketing Campaigns
As a plastic surgeon, your clientele expects world-class attention to detail, impeccable branding, and a commanding digital presence.
If a digital marketing strategy is something you’ve overlooked in the past—no worries. It’s never too late to give your marketing strategy a facelift.
With a holistic digital marketing campaign, we can provide full-spectrum digital marketing services that ensure everything from your social media presence to your paid marketing initiatives are carefully managed and executed.

Dermatology Marketing

Bloated websites, unclear branding, and lackluster digital marketing can disrupt your dermatology practice’s digital presence. With a Next Level Marketing campaign, we’ll leverage our decades’ worth of success in the dermatology marketing space to craft a brand from the ground up that bolsters your branding and optimizes your potential for lead generation.
We Will Help You Dominate With Digital Dermatology Marketing
Say goodbye to branding blemishes and lead-generation-related hiccups. At Next Level Marketing, we will help your dermatology practice reach the next level of success.
Whether it’s enhanced lead generation, a brand-new website, an expanded Google My Business strategy, or a combination of different initiatives, plain and simple—we will build and deliver a dynamic dermatology marketing strategy for your practice so you can dominate the digital dermatology realm.
At Next Level, we have the exact medical marketing strategy to take you to greater heights than ever before.
Medical MarketingV2 11
Medical MarketingV2 15


Dental marketing has evolved tremendously in the last decade thanks to mobile phones and the myriad of channels that have changed the way we advertise. If you are still using outdated means of advertising, it means you are leaving money on the table.
We Deliver Dynamic Dental Marketing Strategies
While billboards, television ads, and printed material still have their place, digital platforms have ascended to become the most popular and widely used methods of finding a product or service, and the same is true for dentists. When someone needs dental work, fewer of them find the answer to their problems in a phone book or a magazine ad than ever before. Today, they find their preferred practice by using the internet, both by mobile and desktop. From social media platforms to pay-per-click ads, the channels you use to advertise have to vary and appeal to the needs of today’s users more directly.
If your clients’ preferred engagement trends have evolved, your marketing strategies need to evolve as well. Let us help you grow your practice and ensure you enjoy exponential success, now and beyond.


Are you in an ultra-unique and ultra-competitive medical sector? Rest assured, we have medical marketing services for clients of all shapes, sizes, and sectors. We can most certainly provide you with a custom-built strategy to achieve complete marketing dominance.

Medical Marketing

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most direct ways to put your healthcare brand, products, and services in front of potential patients who are seeking a solution that you are best positioned to provide.

Search Engine Optimization Medical Marketing

When you want patients to find your medical practice and website in a natural, organic way, you need a medical marketing agency with advanced medical SEO expertise to help your web pages rank among the top search results on Google’s SERP (search engine results page).

Social Media
Medical Marketing

Social media is a powerful force, and your patients want and expect you to actively engage with them on the platforms of their choice. Committed social media engagement will build trust and grow your relationships with existing and new patients in your area.

Medical | Website / Landing Page Design

Web design is the first crucial step in any online marketing strategy. We’ll design a custom site for your practice that will increase leads and maximize conversions.

Video Production / Video Optimization Medical Marketing

We have been producing medical videos for some of the nation’s largest medical practices since 2007. We fly to you, set up the shoots, edit the videos, and deliver the final product within 30 days ― start to finish. Video content marketing and video optimization are integral to any sound medical marketing strategy.

Cutting-edge Website Design and SEO

Healthcare website design and search engine optimization is our specialty area and we know what it takes to make your website design and content resonate with your patients.
Medical SEO is distinct from typical SEO, and we will use customized strategies to achieve top visibility for your web pages, blogs, videos, special offers, events, and other content that prospects or existing patients in your local area are seeking.

Unique Paid Search Advertising

We have more than two decades of experience in PPC and online display ads that provide you immediate visibility right in front of a laser-targeted audience that is actively searching for the services you offer.
It offers you flexible budgets, control over your campaign, and clear, measurable results to scale your patient volumes to the next level in an affordable manner. At NLM, we adopt a holistic approach to ensure that your paid search advertising complements your organic promotion efforts to deliver synergistic benefits.

Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Social media marketing and advertising are critical to your digital strategy. At Next Level Marketing, we understand the sensitivities of patients, their privacy concerns, and potential HIPAA compliance issues related to social media promotion for doctors and hospitals.
We will judiciously utilize the power of social media that makes your patients love your healthcare practice or brand while keeping you on the right side of all compliancy requirements.

Patient Reviews and Reputation Management

Many medical marketing agencies fail to recognize the needle-moving power of positive patient reviews and the critical importance of reputation management. We know from experience in healthcare that your patients can be your brand ambassadors whom other patients will trust.
To organically build a following of brand ambassadors for your practice, we use established and proven strategies to encourage feedback from your patients so you can stay alert and proactive about the commentary about your practice in the social universe and focus on achieving high-quality reviews on:
  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Other reputable review sites
Additionally, with a Next Level medical marketing campaign, you can enjoy real-time reputation monitoring. Our reputation management specialists will actively seek out and obtain five-star ratings from your best patients in addition to additional opportunities for favorable third-party ratings and endorsements.

Medical Video SEO & Video Optimization

An Integral Part Of Your Medical SEO Strategy
Medical videos allow your potential clients to meet you without ever stepping foot in your office.
It can show your sincerity and compassion, two traits that don’t necessarily come across from a static website.
It connects the user to a real person, rather than a page of text.
Through text, potential clients can’t see how much passion and care you have for your clients, but through video you can show, not tell.
When a video is the first thing that people see when they click on your site, chances are they will stay on the site longer. This has been proven through numerous experiments, and we are happy to prove it for you.
img webvideos that win calls

Web Design

The Crucial First Step In Any Online Marketing Strategy

Custom Medical WordPress Design

Custom Medical WordPress Theme

Photoshop Mock-Up of Site


Mobile Friendly Responsive Design


Professional Medical Graphic Design


Medical Logo


Professional Medical Copywriting


Medical Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Medical Social Media


World-Class Medical Website Security


Medical WordPress


Medical WordPress


Custom Medical Web-Based Applications


Migration of your Medical Website to WordPress

web design before 1


web design after 1


web design before 2


web design after 2


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ac google
ac certified google
bing partner logo
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What our Clients have to say about working with Next Level!

1405036880 12acc0273c183f0f13d906888228975543c76a998220aabafdb5709f69fd539a d?mw=3200&mh=1800&q=70
"We got the ultimate goal of being on the first page of Google" - Samson Magid

1405040731 196f62e53f5dad7a569253c7dd91abb11a971fe489b184dbf5977164badf56c6 d?mw=1600&mh=900&q=70
louis circle
"Strategies employed by Next Level had greatly increased our bottom line" - Louis DeVoto

1408108052 6fba854936ff26528d9d76fc67c407725684066913025afffae3bdb9632b968d d?mw=1300&mh=729&q=70
"Next Level Marketing is keeping me busy which is a good thing" - Anna Shapiro, Esq., LLM

1408087718 5d05f88631d8a0d78d1575504b461b5e3b60606b962855aa019e9e1c5bdbc41d d?mw=1300&mh=729&q=70
"Next Level Marketing has provided us outstanding service"- Matthew J. Elias, FAAD

1631068978 c8d94df7a539e56c498e89b3186342b96f8c926f6401c0eec937222930cac2fc d 1
Ryan Stoddard 1
"I've been unbelievably impressed with their services"- Ryan Stoddard

1668372659 362954b67c46a1dbac231181cdaeeaea1216def7069f69700821e43da472f8c6 d?mw=1300&mh=729&q=70
Fred Steinberg
"I highly recommend Next Level Marketing" - Fred Steinberg
matthew elias video cover

Experienced and Dedicated Medical Marketing Experts

Advertising for Medical Services is a highly specialized industry. Next Level Marketing is one of the very few companies that can get you the results you expect. Many companies claim to be medical marketing gurus. Only select companies like us have the expertise and experience necessary to guarantee you a great Return on Investment.
Next Level Marketing was founded by one of the first professionals to receive Google Ads Certification in the entire country. Since he is so well-respected in the medical marketing community, he has attracted top talent from around the globe. Everyone at Next Level Marketing understands that integrity and providing a great Return on Investment is what matters most.
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Full-Spectrum Medical Marketing Mastery

Medicine is a science. Marketing is an art. The competition in medical marketing is incredibly stiff. This drives up costs and prices. When we market for a doctor, surgeon, or dentist online, we are highly specific and comprehensive. A ham-fisted marketing campaign quickly leads to exorbitant costs. Our innovative, multi-prong approach to digital marketing will generate an incredibly strong Return on Investment for you.
Next Level Marketing has been on the bleeding edge of digital trends for a very long time. Our team of elite marketers knows the latest techniques and how to utilize them for your practice. We have even created a few trends. There are no digital marketing agencies like us. Our reputation within the medical community speaks for itself.
One of the many advantages we offer you is a personal touch. We believe in total transparency. Our highly-regarded staff is with you every step of the way. We not only strategize for you, we strategize with you. The first step we undertake is a careful analysis of your current initiatives. Then, we come together in a strategy session to discuss your goals and objectives. After that, we create and execute a customized plan of action for your practice.

Risk Conscious, ROI-
Oriented Medical Marketing

Regardless of whether you’re a general practitioner, a plastic surgeon, dentist, medical spa specialist, or anything in between, we know how to create a holistic and effective marketing campaign for your practice. Other companies often use your time and money foolishly, like blowing your yearly budget by May. We are in it for the long haul, and our aim is to earn your trust over time. Our decades’ worth of experience in medical marketing gives us a big leg up on the competition. We leverage that advantage in your favor so you can dominate your area of focus and crush the competition.
Our holistic package includes:
  • Medical Search Engine Optimization
  • Medical Video Production & Video Optimization
  • Medical Paid Google & Bing/Yahoo! Ads
  • Medical Paid Social Media Marketing
  • Medical Reputation Management
  • Medical Web Design
  • And much, much more
Plain and simple: the medical field is our field. Just as you’re a master of your craft, so are we. Working with us means your patients will find you and not your competition. We will use our wealth of experience and vast knowledge base to propel your medical practice to the “Next Level.”
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Talk to us Today for a Winning Medical Marketing Strategy

Next Level Marketing is on the bleeding edge of digital trends in medical marketing. There is no medical marketing agency like us. Our team of healthcare marketing specialists is driven by a singular goal to help and empower your patients with the information they need, while winning their love and trust for your medical practice in the process.
To learn more about how we can help you, call 1 (844) SEMNEXT or contact us online.
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