What exactly is a website content audit? The term says it all -=  a web content audit is an in-depth analysis of your company’s material; it shows you what content you have, where it is and how well it is doing. It also allows you to do other things like weeding out the irrelevant and outdated. Through this process, you will be able to take a closer look at how your optimization is working for you. By categorizing all your content and taking a bird’s eye view of all your digital assets, you will be able to see any gaps left by the content allowing you to bridge those gaps with new material.

Why Your Website Needs a Content Audit How Your Website Can Benefit from a Content Audit.1How to Do a Website Content Audit

Follow this content audit checklist:
  1. List it all out and then tag every asset.
  2. Research the value of each piece.
  3. Map the content to user personas to see its actual value.
  4. Organize it all.
  5. Find the missing pieces, and finally close the gaps.
Having listed out all your content, you will already have useful information. Now it is time to research the level of success each piece has had. Looking at keyword statistics and how well each group of content is working for you are the early funnel pieces leading to the next stage. Map out all the material to your user personas and get a deeper understanding of how or even if the content is driving the customer to a conversion. Depending on how long you have been creating content for, you may find that some of it has become obsolete. As time passes technology changes and everything else changes with it, so a blog that may have been very relevant five or even ten years ago may only be cluttering up space today. An SEO content audit is a perfect time to find these no longer useful pieces and archive them.  You will also discover hidden gems that have been collecting dust and are waiting for repurposing. A content strategy drives inbound marketing; it is what brings the customers in and keeps them interested. A web content audit will let you pull more value out of your content, improve the Why Your Website Needs a Content Audit How Your Website Can Benefit from a Content Audit.1 way you are using the material at your disposal, and ultimately increases efficiency. Everyone says that content is king, but few realize that a content audit is what makes it king.

The Takeaway

Auditing all your content will take the guesswork out of the equation, so you will know what content is working for you and what material needs help. It will make your marketing efforts all the more effective and will help you in maintaining your site as the well-oiled revenue generating machine you want it to be.

Get Started Now

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