The foundation of every successful medical marketing campaign is search engine optimization (SEO) combined with a splash of paid advertising. There is something especially unique about the medical community – it has a substantial following. Many people find themselves Googling what sickness they have or taking to social media for skincare tips. With medical marketing, you have the upper hand – traffic. And lots of it.

Here are the main medical marketing techniques you should implement, immediately, if not sooner.

Content is (still) King

Every medical professional should have one goal in mind for their medical marketing strategy, and that is to get users to their website. 

Medical Industry Blogging

By optimizing your website for search engines, you’re able to attract the most qualified users to your site.

How is this done? Content is the key. Whether it’s service pages, product pages, and especially blogging, the more optimized content you have, the better. If you own your own practice, chances are you don’t have the time to blog. Hiring a medical digital marketing agency will give you the edge you need. Search engine optimization, keyword targeted content, and a detailed marketing strategy will produce meaningful results.

Another way to increase your reputation with Google is guest blogging. Swap blog posts with a trusted industry professional and link back to one of your money pages. Backlinks tell the Google robot you are a trustworthy source, causing your site to rank higher in the Google index.

Offer Promotions Through Email Marketing

Offering promotions through email is a powerful tool for the marketing of medical products and medical practice marketing. To yield results from your email marketing strategy, appeal to the emotion of your target audience, offer realistic promotions, and motivate the receiver to provide more information. If you’re able to contact a lead, you can turn them into a lifelong patient.

Reputation Management Platform

Reputation platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews, are all free tools that allow you to feature your business and connect with your community. Seventy-two percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. To build a repertoire around your medical practice, ask your clients to leave you a review. The online consumer is looking for information at their fingertips. The more reviews you have, the more trustworthy you are to your target audience.  

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Eighty-seven percent of online marketers use video content. Why is that? That’s what users want! Video is trendy, eye-catching, and most of all, it provides the user copious amounts of information without having to lift a finger.

Video marketing is an excellent platform for discussing trending topics, procedures, and even tips. The medical consumer is actively searching for health hacks and insight into procedures they’re considering.

What’s even more provoking, over half of all video content is viewed on mobile, and 92 percent of these viewers share videos with others. If that doesn’t convince you to hop on camera, I don’t know what will.


Google Adwords is the largest and most successful digital marketing portal used today. When using PPC, the goal is to gain as much business as possible at the lowest possible cost. In order to guarantee your spot in Google listings, your medical practice will need to invest in a PPC campaign.

Social Media Presence

The power of social media in medical marketing is undeniable. In the medical industry, social media is a useful tool that will send people to your website. Social media is full of users who are fascinated with plastic surgery, up and coming doctors, and locals searching for a practice in their area. To appear in local social media searches and news feeds, you need to be actively posting and using area hashtags.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are considered the holy trinity of social media marketing. Use Instagram and Facebook Live to answer questions from your audience and even Tweet live procedures. The more personal, genuine, and insightful you are on social media, the larger your following will be.

Create an Inviting Website

When a user enters your site, you have about five seconds to grab their attention and keep them there. The longer someone is on your site, the more they will discover, and the higher chance there is of them becoming a patient. Entrust your website with an experienced medical web designer who can create an inviting, confident, and easy-to-use website.

Next Level Marketing is a leading contributor to the medical marketing community. We implement a strategy-driven marketing technique that is guaranteed to provide valuable results. If you’re ready to bring in more business, contact a medical digital marketing agency today.