quality content “Content is king.” It’s something you likely hear over and over again in the digital marketing world. Often, when you hear about the need for great quality content, you’re left scratching your head and wondering what exactly “quality” means. So, what is it? How do you define quality content, and why does your website need it?

What is Quality Content?

When you ask a digital marketing expert about what “quality content” means, you’ll likely receive a variety of replies. After all, “quality” is an objective term – meaning it lies in the eye of the beholder. But, if you ask the same digital marketers what Google considers “quality”, the answers and opinions often turn to confusion. This confusion is because of a general lack of understanding about best practices for SEO. Google offers plenty of advice about what not to do when creating content, but very little about what to actually do. So, what gives?

Google quality contentWriting for Google

With so much advice geared on what not to do, content creators often face confusion about the best practice of writing. After all, if everyone follows the help of Google and steers clear of common SEO mistakes, how do they determine quality? When writing for Google, there are a few helpful things to keep in mind:

Useful Information

Providing useful information for readers, such as details of opening hours, location, or other relevant materials shows Google that your site offers the things people need to know. When you add detailed and accurate information about your industry, your services, or other appropriate materials you show Google that your content is quality and important.


Proving to Google your site offers content that visitors want and need is the first step to gaining credibility. Credibility shows both users and Google that your website creates original, authoritative content that can be trusted, meaning it is a valuable resource. This credibility then leads to a rise in your rankings.


Engaging content is designed to entice readers and keep them coming back. When you provide the type of content that not only informs your visitors but inspires them, you are taking the leap from average to high-quality content. Engaging content is free from spelling mistakes, obvious grammar issues, and glaring factual errors. Engaging content is accurate, colorful and designed to keep the audience’s attention.

Defining Quality Content and Why Your Website Needs It.1So, What Does Google Consider High-Quality?

Following these three steps, as well as adhering to some basic, yet effective SEO tactics is the essence of creating content which Google considers high-quality. Google places great emphasis on high-quality content, which is authoritative, trustworthy and accurate. They also place great importance on sites which avoid predatory or malicious SEO practices designed to trick their algorithm. To put it simply, write the type of content your clients are looking for, and that you, yourself would want to read.

Take Your Content to the Next Level

You cannot overstate the importance of quality content – it can make or break your digital marketing campaign.   If you need assistance in boosting your content game, why not team with a digital marketing agency that dedicates itself to your success as much as you do? Call the digital marketing gurus at Next Level Marketing. Give us a call today at (844) 736-6398 for a free consultation, and we’ll customize a content plan to suit your unique needs.