The digital and e-commerce revolution has picked up pace in 2020, and your business should be geared to ride the wave. It is important to be in sync with the rapidly evolving digital landscape and adapt your marketing strategies accordingly. Here are a few major digital marketing trends that you should know when you discuss your 2020 strategy with your online advertising company

Instagram is Scaling New Heights

The mammoth rise of Instagram is hard to ignore, especially if you are in a B2C business that deals with younger consumers. This popular social channel has already crossed the magical one billion user mark, and is set to scale new heights in 2020 and beyond. A knowledgeable digital marketing company can give you ideas on how to benefit from Instagram, particularly if your customers are below the age of 40.

Chatbots Facilitate 24/7 Customer Service 

AI-powered chatbots are the new virtual “concierge” for your business in 2020. Sophisticated chatbots are now interacting with human customers more naturally and helping them accomplish their needs. While chatbots have mostly worked till now through text chat windows, constant improvisations are being made to allow for effective verbal interactions. A large number of businesses are already adopting chatbots to personalize their customer engagement.

Video Marketing is Indispensable

In a smartphone-driven world, the consumption of video content has gone through the roof. Any online advertising company or digital marketer that is still restricted only to text-based content promotion will find it increasingly hard to compete with the domination of video content. Consumers are more inclined to interact with and share videos, and are watching more product and service videos every day to make their buying decisions.

Context Matters in Content Marketing

Google’s search algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated as the company develops a more advanced understanding of digital content. A smart digital marketing company would be quick to realize that nuance in content is now more important than ever before. The emphasis on the context is vital to ensure that your content is closely aligned with user intent. Google search rankings are going to be driven by context as much as they are by keyword-rich content.

Voice-based and Interactive Content

A range of voice recognition technologies, such as Siri and Alexa are enabling users to use voice search. You need to tweak your SEO in ways that you are able to address the needs of a growing number of consumers who want to discover, search and shop using digital voice recognition.

A related trend is occurring in terms of the growing popularity of interactive content, which consumers can click on, interact with, or swipe online. Get ready for 360-degree video promotions and augmented reality ads to provide a more immersive digital experience to your customers.  

An Omni-Channel Digital Marketing Company that Knows the Trends

Next Level Marketing is your omni-channel digital marketer in the true sense of the word. We have expertise across multiple online platforms, from blogs to websites to social media to apps and AI bots. Our omni-channel marketing approach will help your business achieve a more integrated customer connection across various digital touchpoints in their purchase journey. To schedule a consultation with us, call 1-844-SEM-NEXT today or simply complete this brief online contract form.