Your business website is the central powerhouse around which your entire digital marketing strategy will revolve. But is this era of rapidly growing customer adoption of a digital lifestyle, is your website living up to its potential? Or, are you ignoring the low-hanging fruit that website marketing offers, while chasing more complicated and expensive business strategies?

If this is the case, it is time you pick up the phone and talk to a web development company that can help you capitalize on the immense marketing opportunity that your website holds for your business. Here are a few basic reasons why your website might be frittering away its potential and leaving thousands on the table.

Website Design

An intuitive website design encourages visitors to navigate different parts of your site, engage more closely, and take the desired action in their digital purchase journey. A good web design company will evaluate your site map, navigation bars and menus, and placement of content, images, videos and graphics to determine how best to increase visitor engagement and stickiness and minimize bounce rates.

How much time it takes to download your web pages, whether the website design is truly mobile responsive, and whether the images, colors, and font sizes are easy to read and view through mobile screens are key factors to consider. Most important, the site visitors should be able to search and access the precise information they are seeking from your web pages in the shortest possible time.

Compelling Content

All your digital marketing strategies and tactics can only work to the point of driving the traffic of targeted customers to your website. Beyond that point, your site content takes over. A committed web development company can ensure that your site content is informative, current, accurate, and compelling at all times. When a customer visits your website, they should be able to experience all the qualities and values that your business stands for.

Make sure that your website content is solving customers’ problems, helping them understand your products and services, and aiding them to move to take actionable steps in their buying process. While your content should be engaging, interesting and shareable, it should primarily focus on addressing the key challenges of your customers. It should be presented in a style and tone that resonates with your target audience and improves their preference and loyalty for your business. 

Powerful SEO

SEO or search engine optimization lies at the heart of a website. You may build the world’s best website, but your customers are not aware of it, it is of no use to your business. An experienced web design company will incorporate SEO right from the site architecture and design stage itself. They will sharpen it constantly with on-page SEO techniques, while following the best SEO practices in tandem with Google search algorithm updates and guidelines.

Strong keyword research is a critical part of SEO to ensure that Google search bots are able to identify your content when potential customers are looking for the products or services that you are offering. Link building is vital to achieve high search engine rankings for your web pages, but it is a complex exercise that requires advanced capabilities from your web development company specialists.

Choose an Experienced Web Design Company

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