With billions of users actively engaging on social networks, no business can afford to ignore social media marketing any longer. However, it requires professional expertise to maximize the potential of social engagement to your advantage. Whether it is organic messaging and activity on various social channels or paid social media advertising, it should be carried out strategically to improve your customer connect and brand credibility.

Set a Social Media Marketing Budget

The first step towards the launching of your social media brand promotion campaign is to decide a specific budget for it. With a clear budget in mind, your digital marketing partner will be able to help you allocate the right amount of resources for different types of social marketing.

Paid social media advertising on popular networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can produce highly targeted and effective results in terms of product sales and new customer acquisition. The organic social media activity may be handled in-house, or you may delegate that part also to your marketing company, depending on your budget.

Create Cross-Channel Social Campaigns

Remember that many of your customers would be using multiple social networks. So, your social media marketing strategy should ideally focus on running cross-channel promotion and engagement campaigns. A skilled marketing team can help you add an emotional element to your campaign so that your customers can relate to your marketing message more closely.

Successful cross-channel social campaigns typically tell an engaging story that resonates with your target audience. Your marketing partner can link back these text, image, and video based messages to a particular landing page on your website to encourage customers to take the desired sales action.

Go Live with Your Brand Story

You can share in real time with your customers the exciting developments and events that are taking place in your business. This encourages the target audience to engage more closely and get inspired by your message. You can make the most of the live streaming features offered by social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Remember that large companies are slow to move to live streaming, so you can outdo them and create your niche on social media by making maximum use of these features to share memorable and inspiring live content. It will make your customers believe that you care for them and want to personalize your relationships with them. The results can often be as effective as paid social media advertising.

Use Chatbots to Improve Interaction

Chatbots are rapidly emerging as a powerful digital tool, which can also be integrated effectively with your social media marketing strategy. You can solve your customers’ problems and communicate with them 24×7 in an affordable manner with no human involvement.

Smart apps are now available to enable the integration between AI-driven chatbots and social media. To create and use chatbots with digital tools, you can answer customer queries on social media, accept orders directly via social media messenger programs or social comments, and even integrate it with online payment systems.

NLM: Your Trusted Social Media Marketing Partner

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