Digital marketing has come a long way, and still continues to evolve at a scorching pace. You need to configure your marketing strategy in line with the technological changes as well as the change in consumer usage and consumption of digital content. Here are some of the vital strategies that your online advertising company should follow in order to deliver maximum ROI for you.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Google PPC ads should be a critical component of your digital marketing strategy. Your paid advertising company can create a well-optimized Google PPC ad campaign that achieves maximum clicks and impressions for your PPC ads. The key factors that will help you win with Google PPC ads are keyword relevance, Quality Score (which is Google’s rating of your overall PPC campaign), and a creative ad design and copy.

In addition to Google PPC ads, you should also focus on Facebook ads to reach out to customers that are more active on social media. Your paid advertising company would know the multiple ad formats that are available to businesses on Facebook. To capture the market, your PPC ad expert should have a thorough understanding of how the FB advertising platform operates in all its dimensions. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO continues to be the most crucial digital marketing strategy, even though it is becoming more complex with each passing year. A skilled online advertising company would integrate your PPC ad campaign with a comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO strategy. Innovative and keyword optimized paid advertising techniques can also help improve your performance in SERPs (search engine results pages).

Local SEO is a vital part of your overall search engine marketing strategy, especially if your business is location-specific. You should have a well-optimized listing on Google My Business and your business should appear consistently in Google Maps search. High quality inbound link building from local sources is another key element to achieve high search visibility.

Social Media and Influence Marketing

A successful social media marketing strategy will also add strength to your Google search rankings over time. Therefore, discuss with your paid advertising company about the ways to improve your social media presence and build customer engagement. Consider using innovative tools, such as Hootsuite to schedule your posts for automated delivery if your customers are located across multiple time zones.

In the digital marketing landscape, it is possible to engage influencers and achieve a similar impact as large companies do by hiring expensive celebrities. An influencer on social media is someone who commands a large following and people value their opinions and advice. Many influencers would be willing to join hands with you to subtly promote your products and services and help build your brand on social media.

Email, PR, and Newsletter Marketing

Personalized emails to prospects are a time-tested way to increase your brand awareness. You can make a dedicated effort to reach out to your existing customers as well as potential leads in an individualized manner for more impact. Online press releases are another effective way to build authority around your brand. You can also cultivate a loyal following by creating an informative newsletter that will achieve a valuable subscriber base over time.

Get a Free Audit from a Premier Online Advertising Company

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