Social platforms have become the go-to space to increase brand recognition and visibility.  No other arena provides such a far-reaching medium. Facebook alone has over one billion active users. Considering that Facebook is just one social platform and there are approximately seven billion people on the planet, this is one staggering statistic.

Social media marketing (SMM) can be tailor-made to match very specifics traits about the person you are trying to target. By investing a small amount of money and time you can see an increase in conversions and excellent return on investment since the people you reach match your criteria perfectly. Here are some of the other substantial growth benefits social media marketing strategies provide:

social media growthLearn from Your Clients

The great thing about SMM is that it provides a two-way conversation with your customers. It allows people to interact with your brand, to tell you what they want, what they like about your offers, and in what ways they may be dissatisfied. The best social media marketing strategies are the ones that including listening to what the end user is saying. In this way, you will not only reach more people but create loyalty with the customer you would otherwise find impossible to establish.  You can also become more relevant by reacting to events unfolding in real-time by using Twitter or Facebook to participate in whatever discussion is going on, thus becoming part of the user’s sphere of influence.

Go Viral Using These Brand Marketing Tips

Make your content something others will want to share. Human beings are social by nature. When we find something we think highly of, we try to share it with those we care about. With social platforms the same holds true, but the rate of propagation is much higher. If your customer is satisfied with your product or offering, they are that much more likely to comment about it. Just think of the reach a single client has by sharing your brand with his network, and what happens if a percentage of his or her network does the same? It becomes exponential, and your brand can spread like wildfire. Keep your client happy and address any points they raise online, engage with them, and don’t just try to pitch them.

Increased Social Presence Leads to More Targeted TrafficWhy Social Media Is Critical for Your Brand’s Growth.2

Ultimately as a business, you want to drive traffic to your site, increase conversions, and make money. An expanded social presence will lead to higher quality traffic as users will have a reason to click through to your site. The better your content is, the higher the volume of inbound traffic generated.

Your SEO Benefits from Your Social Interactions

Whenever you share your content on a social media platform, you are telling the search engines that your content is good, valid, and relevant. When others reshare your content it solidifies this idea, and as a result, your search engine ranking increases

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