Pinterest is a trending topic in the marketing industry – and for good reason. If you haven’t implemented a Pinterest strategy for your business, you’re doing it wrong. Over 2 billion searches happen every month on Pinterest, making it the leading discovery focused platform. With over 39 percent of women using Pinterest as their go-to search engine, it’s time businesses learn the ins-and-outs of Pinterest SEO.

Keep reading for an in-depth look at Behind The Screens: Pinterest Search Engine Optimization.

Pinterest SEO

Growing your business on Pinterest is about more than users coming across your profile, Boards, and Pins. A common goal among Pinners is to become viral. However, the most beneficial thing Pinterest can do for you is getting your Boards and Pins indexed by Google. The primary goal for your business is this – have your Pinterest content show up in Google Search results and in Google Images. There are various Pinterest SEO tips that will help you achieve this. Through Pinterest SEO strategy, hashtags, keywords, and much more, your content will be ranking soon enough.

Pinterest Optimization

Want to know how to get your Pins noticed on Pinterest and Google?

We’re about to tell you.

Pinterest optimization is an in-depth process but once you get the hang of it, it is pretty easy.

Let’s take it one step at a time:

Claim Your Website Pinterest

Pro Tip: Not sure which hashtags to use? Look up your topic on Pinterest and see which hashtags show up in popular pins.

Board Lists on Tailwind

So let’s Recap your Pinterest Strategy:

 1. Do a Pinterest Profile audit.

 2. Choose a couple Pinterest templates that you can reuse for posting blogs and original content. You can find some template designs in Canva.

 3. Fill out Image Alt text when blogging.

 4. Pin and repin your own work.

 5. Get on a Pinterest Schedule with Tailwind.

 6. Check your analytics monthly to see which boards and pins are doing well.

 7. Create more blog posts based on your analytics findings.

 8. In 3-6 months, review and determine if you need any new Boards.

That’s the lowdown on Pinterest SEO. If you stayed, I’m glad you made it. I know Pinterest strategy can be a foreign landscape for many, but this guide will help you get the ball rolling. If your goal is to improve your website’s ranking, contact Next Level Marketing for guaranteed results.

This article was written by our SEO Content Writer, Taylor Baselice.