guerrilla marketing in the 21st century
Guerilla marketing is everywhere nowadays, whether you realize it or not. From the days of slapping stickers on signs in busy intersections, guerilla marketing has entered the digital age of the 21st century. Social media has made it easier than ever for companies to be creative in different ways with their marketing techniques, all while saving money. Many companies are thinking outside of the box to market their products. Read on for four ways 21st century guerilla marketing has made an impact for different companies.

1. Wendy’s vs Wingstop

In October 2017, the Wendy’s Twitter account got into a faux brawl with Wingstop’s account. It started when Wingstop replied to this tweet, paraphrasing a line from Migos’ song, “Bad and Boujee.” Wendy’s retaliated with a reply of their own, and that’s when the real beef began. Both food chains began going back and forth in a creative tweet-rap battle that went viral.

Not only did both companies spend no money on this method of guerilla marketing, but their back-and-forth generated hundreds of thousands of replies and feedback for both Twitter accounts. Something as simple as two large food chains replying to each other on social media was enough to spark a conversation and pique people’s interest.

2. Frontline Mall Advertisement

Creators of flea and tick prevention products for dogs, Frontline, made a large statement with a graphic on the floor of a mall in Indonesia of a golden retriever scratching itself. Looking down from upper levels of the mall, it seemed that fleas and ticks were on the itchy dog. In reality, it was just people walking on the graphic.

Obviously catered towards dog owners and lovers, this was a stellar and creative way to market their product. Jakarta’s pet emporium, JAKPETZ, promoted Frontline with the slogan “Get them off your dog” next to the ad, right above the Frontline logo. Many messages using traditional marketing tactics are likely to be looked over and ignored. However, with hands-on guerilla marketing strategy like this one, they were without a doubt going to attract attention.

3. LinkedIn Résumé Song

When Page Kemna was searching for a job, she decided she needed to do something nobody else has. So, she sang her résumé and posted it on LinkedIn. Three months since posting it, the video has over 960,000 views, 14,732 likes, and almost 2,000 comments – and that’s just on LinkedIn. On YouTube, the video has racked up over 28,000 views.

This was an incredibly innovative and creative way for a recent college graduate to market herself and her talents. The video’s distribution on LinkedIn put Kemna’s profile in front of thousands of people, and it gained her tons of interaction on the website.

4. Gold Toe and the Wall Street Bull

Gold Toe, notorious for its socks, created a bold marketing move for its new undergarments by putting a giant pair of briefs on New York’s iconic charging bull statue. Not only did it create a solid photo opportunity, but it also generated buzz on social media and coverage from various news sites and bloggers. Their guerilla marketing ploy was original, interesting and sparked conversation for the company and its product.

How Your Brand Can Benefit From Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing methods are taking over advertising and PR agencies worldwide. Its use of unconventional promotional tactics allows it to engage with consumers in exciting, interesting, and cost-effective ways. Creating a viral online campaign can rack up millions of views, and it will make your company look that much more fascinating and impressive. In-person guerilla marketing advertisements, such as the ones mentioned above, are much more impactful than your average, run-of-the-mill advertisement.

A successful guerilla marketing campaign has the potential to elicit strong emotions from consumers, making its impact lasting and memorable. From happiness to fear, any kind of shock factor in a guerilla marketing campaign is an unforgettable one. You can also collaborate with different businesses and organizations to create a campaign. Creating these partnerships can help you reach your target audience even easier than before.

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Written by NLM’s very own SEO-copywriter-you-never-knew-you-always-needed Kayla Ziadie