If you’re in the SEO world, you’ve heard it before:

Content is king.

Blogging and content writing is a crucial step in any well-developed SEO strategy. Blogging increases your presence in search results while simultaneously allowing you to connect with your target audience. Many people find themselves researching questions online, especially when it comes to personal injury claims.

Here are some proven ways to help you write awesome content that will improve your ranking and that your ideal market is actually looking for.

Google Suggest

Something many lawyers may take for granted is Google Suggest. Google Suggest is the autofill suggestions you commonly see as you type anything into a Google search. What you may not know, however, is these autofills aren’t random.

Rather, these are based upon what people are searching for. Google Suggest uses real-time results of SERP analysis to provide the best possible advice to searchers. This means if you want to know what people are really searching for, all you need to do is start typing in a Google search and Suggest will tell you!

QuoraWays to Find Keywords For your Personal Injury Firm

Longer tail keywords have become increasingly popular in search terms and search results. With the use of voice search, people are searching for content in a more conversational way, especially in the form of a question. Having these long tail keywords will help your blog posts rank on the first page of Google and other search engines.

For example, if you search “personal injury law” on Quora, you will see a list of questions in the search results. By using this information, you can create longer tail keywords and blog posts that your target audience is actually interested in reading.

Answer The Public

If you are a lawyer looking for exactly what your potential clients are searching, Answer the Public is perfect for you. This helpful site uses the combined search results of Google and Bing to provide a wealth of insight into the most common searches for any term they hope to rank for.

As you type, Answer the Public provides an aggregated view of all the questions people are searching for related to that topic. This information helps lawyers better understand their potential clients by providing key insights into not only their motivations but also their emotions and any gaps in the market they can exploit.

Ways to Find Keywords For your Personal Injury FirmUberSuggest

UberSuggest is a keyword tool that provides a keyword overview, keyword ideas, content ideas, and a SERP analysis.

UberSuggest, however, is far more than just a keyword research tool. UberSuggest also provides advice on keywords to use as you type. Simply begin typing a keyword you hope to target and the new ideas featured on the site will offer-up potential new ideas to target immediately!

Take Your Legal Marketing to the Next Level

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