Email marketing is a well-known way to boost interest in your brand and drive sales while keeping costs down. As effective as email marketing can be, however, it’s easy to fall into the usual layout and design techniques. If you’re looking for some great inspiration for your next email marketing campaign, here are 10 of our favorite ideas:


Personalize, personalize, personalize! For a marketing email to be successful, it is essential that it has a personal touch. When addressing emails, there aren’t many people who prefer to be referred to as madam or sir. Just by adding a recipient’s first or last name, you can significantly increase the number of people who view your email. Another excellent personalization technique for your next email marketing campaign is to offer recipients recommendations based upon their previous purchases or engagements with your site.

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Social Proof

Your products are excellent. You know this and so do your happy customers.  What better way to showcase this than by using the words of your satisfied patrons to boost business? Word-of-mouth is an excellent way to supplement email marketing campaigns. According to e-commerce giant Shopify, testimonials and reviews from happy patrons are particularly useful during the subscription process, upselling, or for cancellation.

Set Up a Countdown

Setting up a countdown clock is a great way to entice customers. Adding a countdown towards the end of promotion can create a sense of urgency for email recipients and can translate into an increase in sales.

Tiered Offerings

Craft specially designed deals to tempt current customers. Through carefully crafted offers, you can target patrons you have identified as most likely to respond to such marketing techniques. Focusing on those who are price conscious over those who regularly spend large amounts of money can significantly increase sales, interactions, and brand loyalty.

Prioritize Your CTA

Perhaps the most critical aspect of any email marketing campaign is a meaningful and forceful call to action. Dynamic CTAs are essential because you need to justify why you are taking up your reader’s time. Emails regularly flood inboxes – why is yours so important?  A clear – and prominent – call to action is your chance to set your brand apart and keep your subscribers coming back.

Motivate them to Provide More Info

Offering coupons or discounts to subscribers can be a great way of prompting email recipients to provide you more information about them. One favorite technique is to offer free products, services, or discounts recipients birthdays.

Implement a Referral Campaign

Referral campaigns are a great way to get people to spread the word about your brand on your behalf. While referral programs are run through your website, they are easily promoted through email marketing. By including reminders for referrals in all email communications and incentivizing them, you can significantly improve the reach of your campaign.

Responsive Design

According to studies, 67 percent of emails today are read on mobile devices. With such a large proportion of people using mobile phones and tablets, optimizing your email campaigns is critical so they are visible on all platforms.

great email campaign ideasProvoke Emotion

Make your message sound personal, fun and emotional. Adding unique features like evocative photos, emojis, or creative design. Set a unique tone for your campaign and draw your email recipients in – it can be a memorable way to capture their attention for months or years to come!

Offer Incentives

Incentives are an easy and effective way to get more people engaged with your campaigns. Free products for lapsed users can not only get more people interested in your brand but increases the likelihood of upselling or repeat purchasing in the future. Free gifts for signing up or completing surveys are another proven tactic for increasing engagement with, and buzz around, your brand.  

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