There are approximately 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, according to the American Bar Association. 240 million Americans use the internet. 74% of consumers take action by visiting a law firm’s website.  These numbers are quite interesting, but this is not a fact-of-the-day blog. No, this is an award-winning marketing company’s blog, and we are here to make a little sense of these numbers; these data points suggest that you need a killer website to get clients and rise above the fray. At Next Level Marketing, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that you stand out from the pack, and we are happy to impart some of that knowledge on you now. Here is a list of 5 web pages that every law firm needs.

1.Areas Practiced

In order to optimize your site for search engines, you must have specific and relevant information. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes- if you have a slip and fall at work, you might not know if that is personal injury law or employment law. The website should include every area of law which you practice. This is so you can show up on a search engine, and helps potential clients know your skills.

2.Contact Us

Komarketing did a study which revealed that thorough contact information was the most lacking asset on websites. When asked what caused them to leave a site, 44% of responders said that they had no way to contact anyone, according to the same study. When people are searching for lawyers, they generally look for someone in the area. According to a report from Burke, 76% of searchers are looking for information on local businesses.

Finally, as part of this, there should be a confirmation or thank you page for after someone has contacted you. Tracking is just as vital as getting people to the site.


You need informational testimonials on a site, but not the testimony you deal with during your job. Clients’ reviews make your site more SEO friendly. Lots of judicial jargon is lost on other people, so having your clients testify on your behalf simplifies the language a bit. A client who has DUI charges looming would feel more assured when they see a client of yours talking about how you successfully handled their case. The same goes for divorce, or personal injury law, or whatever area of law you practice. Video reviews are especially useful in getting more cases.


This is the place to flex your knowledge. Many political and social battles are lost and won in the courtroom, and you can convey your opinion in an article. Blogging is vital for good search engine optimization, and the world wants to hear your opinion. You have special insight into the debates of the day. Even if you don’t want to wade into muddy waters, your clients do not understand the finer points of the law. Many clients might be burning with the same question inside them, and this is your opportunity to share your expertise with them by answering their questions.

5.About Us

Some lawyers call this the attorney profile page. Everyone can write about themselves, but writing about yourself in a way that brings in clients is a little bit more difficult. Someone who visits your website may not be able to discern the good law schools from the great ones, nor can they pick apart the difference between certain areas of law.

Awards are an easy way to distinguish yourself, and users want to know numbers: how many years you have practiced, how many cases you have won, what your ratings are. Your area of specialization shines here, and it would be a good idea to elaborate on your success. Finally, you can wrap it all up with your philosophy. Clients want to know what drives you, to see what you might do in the courtroom.

In addition to all this, you need an optimized homepage. According to Adobe, if the page takes too long to load, you are going to lose almost 40% of your audience right off the bat. It does not matter if you are the best lawyer in the world. If you can’t get your info to people quickly, they won’t pay attention. Similarly, you need to make your homepage attractive, since 38% of users will stop engaging if the layout or imagery is not appealing. Good marketers know that you need to convey as much information as possible, do it in a visually appealing way, and have it show up very quickly.

At Next Level SEM, we have partnered with law firms since the very beginning and legal marketing is our specialty. Your bottom line is our sole focus, and the team we have put together is certified, qualified, and energized to give you the best results possible. Contact us today.