google algorithm updates

In the domain of digital marketing, the laws that govern search results on major search engines—both organic and paid— are constantly in flux. The laws of Google are no exception. Every now and again, Google alters its search algorithms, resulting in massive changes for digital marketers and their customers alike.


Take, for example, Google’s recent BERT update in late October 2019, which was accompanied by a so-called “Unnamed” update just weeks later. With the former, a greater emphasis on neuro-linguistic-programming-based queries was apparent, and the latter, business listings within proximity of a searcher saw greater visibility on the first page of the SERP than ever before.


Abrupt and unannounced changes like the recent BERT update and others mean your digital marketing efforts have to be adaptable or risk utter catastrophe. 


Don’t let algorithm updates dash your hopes of digital marketing success. Rather than going it alone, hiring a high-quality digital marketing agency means you can stay abreast of algorithmic changes and implement an effective strategy before it’s too late.

After an Update, Time Is of the Essence

As soon as updates occur and are identified, digital marketing agencies have to study the effects as soon as possible. Through deductive reasoning and reverse engineering, marketing agencies and SEO marketing specialists can make a determination and adjust their strategies accordingly to keep your rankings intact. 

All Digital Marketing Strategies Efforts Are Connected

A change in one area of your campaign could affect the components that comprise your other efforts as well.


digital marketing agencyWhile SEO is the first thing that comes to mind, algorithm updates can affect the following components of any digital marketing campaign:
  • PPC marketing

  • Organic social media campaigns

  • Web design and development

  • Paid social media initiatives

  • And more

Together, all of these strategies have a symbiotic relationship, meaning a change that affects one aspect of your digital efforts may affect the adjacent efforts as well. Having a full-service team at the ready means the time it takes to diagnose changes is much faster, rather than A/B testing across multiple channels.

Not All Updates are Equal

As you can imagine, each update is different and requires careful analysis of the changes. Since Google does not usually inform the world about what those changes entail, it is up to your SEO marketing agency to sift through troves of data to determine the full scope of ranking-related effects. 


But let’s say you either don’t have an agency or the agency you’re with doesn’t stay up-to-date with these kinds of changes. How can you prepare for future algorithmic changes?

Prepping for Potential Google Algorithm Changes

Plain and simple: it’s impossible to predict what Google is going to do next to their search algorithms. Like natural disasters, the best defense is an able and willing defense. If you take the following measures, you can ensure that the almighty search engine overlords at Google won’t rain on your parade.

Remember the Fundamentals

When it comes to writing content on your website, the core fundamentals will always remain. Well-written and authoritative content always wins. Stick to easy-to-read, authoritative copy that search engines and users enjoy, with or without major algorithmic changes.

Diversify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Are you all-in on PPC? Switch it up and put some marketing dollars into an SEO campaign. Are your organic efforts floundering? Spice things up with a dynamic paid advertising strategy to circumvent downtrends and drive traffic straight to your digital doorstep.

seo marketing agencyHire Digital Marketing Experts

Perhaps the most valuable takeaway from this article—if you don’t have a well-trained team handling your digital marketing efforts, you’re doomed to fail. Successfully marketing your business online—let alone keeping up with algorithm updates—is a full-time job. If you don’t have full-time professionals in control of your marketing duties, well, you’re already behind the eight ball.


Luckily, you still have time to do the right thing and let a digital marketing mastermind take the reins.

Avoid Algorithmic Apocalypse With a Next Level Digital Marketing Strategy

With experts at the helm, algorithmic changes aren’t the end of the world. At Next Level Marketing, our team of digital marketing experts are always vigilant for changes to Google’s ever-changing rules and know how to react accordingly.


In as little as one free strategy session, our digital marketing experts can analyze your current strategy and prescribe a winning formula for long-term success. Ready to be up to your eyeballs in qualified leads while building a branding strategy that wins?

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