Your business website is the gravitational center of your digital marketing strategy. If your website has problems, it will blunt the impact of all your online marketing efforts. Make sure you work with a web developer who can build a robust website that meets Google’s recommended standards as well as continually maintain and upgrade it. Here are some of the common website issues that an experienced web development company can identify and address for you. 

Bad Web Design

The first thing a new visitor will see and experience when they land on your website is its design and architecture. If your web design is complicated, confusing, or aesthetically unappealing, impatient site visitors are going to turn away instantly. In the industry, this phenomenon is known as “bouncing.”

Even those who stay on your site may find it difficult to navigate and search the relevant information if the web design is not intuitive. Too much clutter can prevent your target audience from comprehending the message or voice of your brand.

Slow Site Speed

Today’s web users are fickle and impatient. A slow-loading website will drive them to bounce and seek out a competitor’s site, especially if you’re competing in a saturated market. Beyond the user’s experience, a slow-loading site can also affect your Google search rankings. 

Some of the following factors can cause a site to load slowly:

  • Uncompressed graphics and imagery

  • Uncompressed video files or animations

  • Bloated coding

Luckily, a committed and competent web developer can resolve these issues and ensure your site loads quickly and efficiently. 

Thin or Low-Quality Content

Beyond the web design itself, you also have to consider the quality of your written content. Your website should have relevant, authoritative, and informative content to captivate potential prospects.  

When you pair rich and thought-provoking content with an intuitive web design, your site is primed for success, not just through search engine optimization but also in its ability to turn prospects into clients. 

Poor On-Page SEO

The best content in the world is useless if no one is reading it and Google can’t crawl it. Search engines need to know and understand what type of content you are providing through your web pages. Aside from just understanding your content, Google needs to figure out what questions your content answers.

 To gain the attention of Google’s bots (the digital arbiters who decide which sites rank and which ones don’t), your website needs to be keyword-rich and well-optimized for search engines.  

The value of on-page SEO copywriting comes into play as these are writers who can appease both readers and Google’s bots alike. 

Certification and Security Issues

Google takes website security very seriously. In fact, it takes it so seriously that it will downgrade your website if it compromises the privacy and security of your users.

Want to convince Google that you value security as much as they do? Get an SSL certificate for your site. An SSL certificate will assure your customers that their information remains secure during a transaction. It is important to regularly upgrade your certificate to the most up-to-date plugins if your website is built on WordPress.

Partner with a Dependable Web Development Company

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