Pay-per-click advertising is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to drive targeted traffic to your website, get new leads, and generate sales. Data shows that you stand to earn – on average – $2 in revenue for every $1 you spend on Google PPC ads.

Not all PPC ads perform the same way though. Some ads tend to perform exceptionally well, while some others barely elicit any response from users. This is where the concept of pay per click quality score comes into the picture.

What exactly is PPC quality score and how does it impact your online advertising campaigns? Let’s find out

What Is PPC Quality Score?

Pay per click quality score, also referred to as Google Ads quality score, is a rating which indicates how relevant your keywords and ads are to your target customers. The score can be anywhere from 10 (which is the highest possible rating you can get) to 1 (which is the lowest possible rating you can get).

Google takes three key factors into account while calculating your pay per click quality score. They include:

Expected Click-Through-Rate

It is the probability of a user clicking on your PPC ad while searching for a particular product, service, or information.

PPC Ad Relevance

Are your keywords relevant to your PPC ads’ audience? Will it make sense for Google to show your ad to a prospect who is searching for that particular keyword?

Landing Page User Experience

Is the information you provide on your landing page relevant to your keywords and PPC ads? Does the page load fast? Is it easy to navigate? These factors, when aggregated, comprise the user experience on the landing page. The better the experience, the higher your quality score will be.

Why Does Pay Per Click Quality Score Matter?

The PPC model is structured in such a way that Google stands to make money only when users click on ads. So, in order to generate revenue, Google must make sure that it only shows that are extremely relevant to what users are looking for.

This is why Google spends an enormous amount of resources on fine-tuning its algorithms every year. Their goal is to identify relevant, high-quality ads that users are likely to click on and showcase them prominently on their search results pages.

What it means is that if your ad has a high pay per click quality score, it is likely to be displayed in the best possible position on search engine results pages.

A higher quality score means:

  • More exposure!

  • More clicks! 

  • More traffic!

  • More leads!

  • More sales!

Moreover, a high PPC quality score can reduce your cost-per-click (the amount of money you have to pay Google every time a user clicks on your ad) considerably, which can help you save a lot of money.

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