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E-Commerce + Google Shopping

E-commerce sites can benefit greatly from Google Shopping, Google’s PPC campaign for online retail. With paid product placement (PPC), smaller firms can now compete with the bigger brands as there is less competition, theoretically. Google shopping is a little different from traditional PPC in that it will be managed on the product and category bidding level, not by keyword bidding.

Statistics show that of customers searching on the internet:

  • 44% use a search engine to find product information
  • 55% are seeking and comparing product options online

Online retail is evolving and turning into one of the biggest markets out there, causing Google to introduce this new Ecommerce platform. Google Shopping is Google’s new search engine shopping system. It allows searchers to find products for sale from online merchants and provides customers with prices, stock availability, and product ratings. Google Shopping results appear in related Google searches whenever Google believes there is a match.

Ecommerce is a great tool to use when trying to show your products to more potential buyers. Google shopping is made up of Product Listing Ads, which are ads with images and relative details about your product. Since Google launched Product Listing Ads in 2012, Google Shopping offers 1.6 billion products in 23 countries. Product Listing Ads allows your products to be featured on a digital shopping shelf every time someone searches for a product that matches your products attributes. Google Shopping campaigns has helped marketers manage and bid on products, report on sales performance, and find new growth opportunities through web traffic.

To set up a Google Shopping campaign you must submit a full product inventory list to AdWords. By doing so, you can structure your campaigns by product groups and categories to have more control over bidding strategies and prices. You can separate your products by margin, price range, or promotional status. This gives you more granular control over your products. Google Shopping Campaigns gives you the ability to view your performance data by product or attribute. You can look at in-depth statistics and sort by product category, product type, brand, item id number, etc. Like PPC campaigns, Google Shopping gives you the ability to gain insight into your competition by giving you estimated metrics like CTR and Max CPC for advertisers with similar products.

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Google Advertising Helps You:

Best SEO company- Google Adwords Specialists
  • Increase your lead quality (through relevant product information)
  • Increase your site traffic (by directing potential customers to your products and website)
  • Earn a higher Click Through Rate (compared to bland text ads)
  • Take control over your marketing strategies
  • Manage and increase online visibility for your products
  • Control your advertising budget and lower your Cost Per Sale (CPS)
  • Dominate the search results page with relevant products to get ahead of your competition

Google Shopping’s Benefit to Retailers

E-commerce sites benefits shoppers tremendously by saving them time, offering a greater product selection, and cost savings (in terms of taxes and product prices). For retailers, the benefits are also a major factor:

1. Establish Online Presence
Over 80% of the online population has used the internet to make a purchase. Google Shopping Campaigns allows you to not only be more available but also helps keep up with competition. If you are not running an E-commerce campaign, chances are your competitors are.

2. Attract New Customers
Businesses are always looking to grow and attract new clients. Physical retail relies on customer relationship and branding, but online retail helps drive traffic from search engines while making your products more available by providing relevant product information.

3. Save on Operational Costs
E-commerce stores can save you money by making inventory management automated. E-commerce campaigns help eliminate inventory management and overhead costs that you would accumulate through a physical store while helping you increase profit by reaching more customers.

4. Better Understand Your Customers
E-commerce gives you the ability to track your customers’ buying habits. Google Shopping Campaigns will help you find out what products are customers interested in? Which products are successful and which are not? When customers are most likely to purchase? With this information, you can make educated decisions about your products to help improve ROI.

5. Drive Conversions and Sales
E-commerce gives you the ability to open your business globally without any time constraints or geographical limitations. A well-designed e-commerce site with quality products will help you drive conversions and sales while still driving traffic to your website and raising brand awareness.

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Why NLM?

PPC and SEO award-winning digital marketing agency in South Florida

Next Level Marketing was one of the first companies in the country to become certified by Google.  Our knowledge expands to Bing and Yahoo! PPC as well.  You will not find another company, or team, that is more competent and dedicated to managing your PPC verticals.  Every campaign that we mange is hand-crafted and managed by real-life certified Google professionals.  We pride ourselves on being exclusive to our clients.  We only work with one client, per industry, per demographic.  The experts at NLM have the knowledge and experience needed to build a streamlined, optimized, and highly targeted campaign. With zero learning curve, our PPC experts understand how to effectively launch a marketing strategy, for your business, right from the beginning.

Our E-commerce experts will work by your side each step of the way.  E-commerce is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity for retail companies in today’s digital market.  Without e-commerce, your businesses potential for growth will be limited.  Fortunately, with our E-commerce PPC experts, running an e-commerce store is exponentially rewarding. Let our experts guide you through the product upload process and provide you with efficient, cost-effective campaigns to generate the maximum ROI you are seeking. Let Next Level Marketing handle these retail complexities for you.  Call our office today to set up your campaign and find out why E-commerce can take your business to the Next Level.