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ROI Guarantee

Most companies do not offer a guarantee, because they are not confident in their ability to maximize profit. The NLM Geofencing PPC Guarantee is simple: if you do not receive at least a 3 to 1 Return on Investment within 1-2 months through your managed Geofencing PPC campaign, you don’t pay us a management fee.

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About NLM’s Geofencing Technology

In today’s world, everyone is constantly active on their mobile device. As a business owner, it’s time for you to take advantage of that.

Using GPS technology, geofencing is a location-based advertising solution that triggers the display of an ad when a mobile device passes through a virtual boundary–the geofence. The objective of geofencing is to build awareness, influence decisions, and drive action when a potential client enters or leaves a particular area. With geofencing technology, you create your own audience through custom targeting with pinpoint precision.

A geofence, or location beacon, can be designed to cover an area as broad as an entire county or as precise as a single floor of a hospital. We are the only agency in the country that can pinpoint a particular floor or, better yet, a room in a building. Next Level Marketing uses GPS technology and barometric air pressure to pinpoint people’s locations. Once the geofence is created, your dominance in the area is established.

When someone enters your geofence area, a pop-up advertisement will appear on any app or web browser they are using. Geofence marketing allows you to target an audience that may not even realize they need or want you.

Next Level Marketing is currently the only agency in the country that can serve ads to prospective customers after they leave your geo-fence. This is groundbreaking technology. Prior to our custom API, you could only serve ads to prospects in your geo-fence. We serve your ads to potential clients up to 90 days after they leave your geofence.

Why Geofencing?

  • One of the biggest benefits of geofencing is the ability to use your competitor’s resources against them. We can place a virtual boundary around the brick and mortar location of your competitors and show your ad to their customers. Showcasing your unique value proposition via our custom display advertisements will allow potential clients to become aware of the options they have. This means they will switch to your services.
  • You can advertise in-store promotions by geofencing your individual locations. When clients come in, we can make sure they know everything you have to offer. Extend your geofence a bit wider and capture all traffic in the immediate area. Alert those nearby of your unique value proposition without them ever having to search a related keyword.
  • We know how to target those attending local conferences, conventions, and other industry-related events. Next Level Marketing ensures that everyone in attendance is notified with your display advertisement as soon as they reach for their cell phone. With NLM’s geofencing technology, we can remarket to anyone.

Next Level Marketing’s Geofencing Process


We start by determining your company’s goals and objectives. What service or products do you want to sell? Who are your competitors? This will help us shift the customer base of your competition to you. Where does your customer base typically reside? We will specifically target individual restaurants, clubs, hotels, stores, and residential neighborhoods where your target demographic frequents.


Once we gather this information, our expert Geofencing Team gets to work. Using GPS technology, we design a virtual boundary around any locations that bring in your target demographic. These geofence areas can be as broad as a county and as granular as a singular floor in an office building.


After your geofence areas are determined, our expert Copywriting and Graphic Design teams create your custom display advertisements. All ads will be tailored to specific target demographic. Different audiences require different copy. Our experienced team knows what it takes to make your goods and services appeal to your customers. Next Level Marketing’s track record of success speaks for itself.


Great ads are nothing without a conversion focused landing page. That’s why as a part of your geofencing services at Next Level, we create 3 custom landing pages for you. Our Web Developers and Graphic Designers create the layout and design while our Copywriters provide the content. Designed to increase conversions, we ensure all landing pages created receive the best quality score possible.


We will get going as soon as possible, then add more to your campaigns over the coming days. The idea behind this is to get you used to the traffic, the email volume, and the level of inquiries. We can always scale-up the campaigns as necessary.


Over time, we’ll start to notice which types of ads, markets, platforms, and targeting produce customers. You never know this from day one. Eventually, we can remove ads that aren’t effective at producing customers and double down on the ones that are. Our data-driven decisions have yielded great return on investment for many companies before. The analysts at Next Level can deep-dive into the information, and gain insight. After we run our statistical investigation, we utilize these observations to adjust the campaign. This guarantees profit.