Why Link Building is an Essential Component for Your Business SEO.1What is link building? Simply put, it’s getting other websites to link back to yours. But not every link matters and not every link will yield a positive result. Google spiders love links, and the more backlinks they find, the more likely they are to find you. It is a lot like finding a place, the more roads and paths that lead to it, the more likely it is someone will see it. If this place is in the middle of nowhere with no pathway leading to it, chances are no one sees it anytime soon. Backlinks also provide you with reputation. At least in the eyes of Google, your reputation is informed by how many others point to you. Think of it as a popularity contest, where the more popular you are with others (the more websites link to your site) the more important you must be, and the more important you are, the more you can be trusted, and so the higher your rank.  After all who are you more likely to believe, the source no one links to or the one with hundreds of links?

All Link Aren’t Created EqualWhy Link Building is an Essential Component for Your Business SEO.3

A link with high relevance is much more valuable than one that isn’t. Irrelevant links may have an adverse effect. Say your website represents a pizza place in Miami, a backlink from a food blog or a foodie portal or pretty much anything food, and specifically pizza related, would boost your credibility and position you as an authority in the subject. If, on the other hand, all the backlinks you have come from the other side of the world and originate from websites that have nothing to do with food, then they are more likely to hurt you than help. There are other things to consider when trying to get sites to link back to you. How popular is the site you are targeting? If no one has heard of it then chances are Google will not give it much weight. If you get a link from a hugely popular source, however, the value of that link is much higher. How fresh a link also makes a difference, as well as how fresh a site is. Popular sites may grow stale, and as such, links from them would diminish in value. SEO link building is not just link building; it is getting backlinks with a purpose. To position yourself as an authority and become relevant to Google, you should use robust link building strategies. Backlink building should be an integral part of your SEO arsenal and something you should not neglect.

It’s Time to Get Your Link On

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