Have you noticed the attention-grabbing online ads that appear on top or side of your Google search results? That is the most common form of pay per click marketing. The popularity of PPC advertising has increased year after year in sync with the growth of e-commerce and search engine usage. The good thing about PPC ads is that you will only get charged when a site visitor actually clicks on your advertisement.

Google PPC Advertising

When customers set out to purchase a product or service, they often begin their search at Google’s search engine. Their goal is to obtain relevant information, compare different product options and prices, or look for local vendors from whom they can make their purchase. These are potential customers who have an immediate need and have made up their mind to buy.

A Google PPC ad cuts across the clutter and is placed prominent to catch the attention of these customers. With the right keywords and ad optimization, your pay per click marketing on Google can yield dramatic results within a short period of time.

Display PPC Ads

When you want your PPC ad to look different from the usual search results and gain more attention from a wider spectrum of search users, you may consider display advertising. These ads are more versatile, and can be produced in various formats, including banner ads, text ads, app ads, and Gmail ads.

Impactful elements such as photos, audio, video, and graphics can be used in these ads for more effective sales communication. Display ads allow you to create custom layouts and even include animation and some unique interactive ideas.

Mobile PPC Ads

Mobile pay per click marketing is now more important than ever because a majority of Internet users use their smartphones to view websites or make e-commerce purchases. Mobile PPC ads also capture potential customers on-the-go, who are seeking specific information to make an immediate purchase.

A skilled digital marketer will be able to ensure that your PPC ads are designed and placed in such a way that mobile device users can view the ad accurately and conspicuously on their screen. These ads can encourage a prompt call to action to boost sales conversions.

Video PPC Ads

While most marketers continue to relate videos only with website SEO, the digital marketing firms with acumen are maximizing the power of PPC advertising through videos. Videos can make a powerful impact and convince potential customers about your product and service more easily.

Ensuring that your video ads reach directly before your target audience is possible with the help of creative video advertising through YouTube as well as Google. Like all other PPC marketing, you will only pay for your video ad when a view actually clicks on it.

Bing PPC Ads

Pay per click advertising on Bing search engine allows you to capture the attention of your target audience in a less competitive and less crowded environment. To maximize your advantage with Bing PPC ads, you should work with a marketer that is Bing Certified and understands what it takes to tap this under-used advertising opportunity for high conversions.

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