Why Us For Social Media Marketing?

Expertise to drive revenue for your business

why smm photoSocial Media Marketing (SMM) is a relatively new industry. Like all pay-to-play advertising, the right tactics can generate huge ROI, while the wrong ones can waste your entire marketing budget very quickly.

SMM has many similarities to Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns like Google Adwords, but it is also very different. Adwords and Bing/Yahoo PPC is all business. They are the most direct, in your face, forms of digital advertising, and are highly effective.

SMM however, is all about fun. Social media users want to feel connected to businesses. They want fun, engaging, “Shareable” content. They want the business to be their “Friend”, and they want to show off that connection.

Social Media marketing is the fastest growing form of online advertising. Facebook alone has over 1 trillion page views every month. Facebook also has over 845 million monthly active users. That is over half of all internet users worldwide.

The PPC experts at NLM have the experience to guide you through the Social Media advertising process. We will work with you to target the right demographic, in the right location, at the right time, to generate traffic, connections, links, and revenue for your business.

Let us take your business’ social presence to the next level.