Why Us For PPC?

Knowledge and Experience That Counts

Get The Best ROI From Your PPC Advertising

Managing a pay per click campaign is very time-consuming. One must have experience in the AdWords platform for a considerable amount of time just to learn how to navigate the system. Then, to learn how to use all the available tools, all the rules and regulations, and the advertising strategies that work for your business model, takes years of hands on experience. The experts at NLM have the knowledge and experience needed to build a streamlined, optimized, and highly targeted campaign. With zero learning curve, our PPC experts understand how to effectively launch a marketing strategy, for your business, right from the beginning.

1. Keyword Research and Match Types

Keyword research is crucial to a successful campaign. Using the wrong keywords can quickly exhaust an advertising budget while returning poor results. In addition, utilizing the wrong match type (Exact, Phrase, Broad and Broad Match Modifier) can result in a multitude of different issues which include but are not limited to, negative or irrelevant traffic, not enough relevant traffic (which can decrease your quality conversions) and creating low search volume key phrases, which the Google system will not show your Ad for. The experts at NLM utilize multiple tools and data points to accurately form a targeted, budget friendly, and ultimately, profitable campaign.

2. Wrong Ad Copy Could Result in Low Conversion

High traffic with no conversion is costly and useless.

High conversion rates with little traffic are less than optimal.

To net you the highest click-through and conversion rates, our team performs competitive research, and forms ads based on proven success. We employ multiple tactics to ensure that your ads are always of the highest quality and receive the highest CTR%. One of these tactics is called copy testing. Copy testing allows us to run multiple ads for the same ad group at one time to see which ad gets the higher CTR%. We allow the ads to compete for three months and at the end of test we delete the ad with lower impressions and create a new ad to compete for another 90 days. This process is continuously repeated. Another tactic employed is utilizing call-only ads. These ads are only for mobile device users and encourage searchers to call your business. Call-only ads is a great way to increase conversions. At NLM, one of our most valuable assets, is the knowledge of what works, and what doesn’t. Our on staff experts’ goal is to ensure that you get the best return possible on every advertising dollar.

3. Tracking Requires Technical Expertise

Generating traffic and converting sales is the end goal of any PPC campaign, but tracking those sales, and where they come from is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. Tracking, analytics, impressions, views, hits, click through rates, call through rates, demographics, and time of day logs, are all essential data points for implementing successful marketing campaigns. Your dedicated client concierge will work closely with you to ensure that your campaigns are being managed effectively and efficiently. They will set-up and manage all of your analytics and send you detailed reports and suggested changes on a monthly basis. At NLM, we strive to deliver the best marketing performance possible. Good enough, is never enough.

4. Do You Know What a Good Landing Page Looks Like?

The relevance of your landing page can determine how much you spend on conversions. Our team of design experts understand not only the principles of landing page design, but also how to test those principles. Our analysts have access to third party A/B testing software, and they will compare different landing pages to ensure the highest possible conversion rates. What if your landing page is less than adequate? NLM is a full service media company, and we have the ability to create an entirely new website, or landing page(s) that will ensure you optimal conversion rates.

5. Click Fraud

Click fraud is when a person, automated script, or computer program imitates a legitimate user of a web browser clicking on an ad, for the purpose of generating a charge per click without having actual interest in the target of the ad’s link. Our experts will constantly review your stat and log files for suspicious activity. There are many options for dealing with click fraud, up to and including requesting a refund from the search engine. NLM will be the liaison between you and the search engines and always have your best interests at heart. Any time action needs to be taken or a credit needs to be requested, NLM will take care of all the details. We firmly believe in hassle free marketing, allowing you to do what you do best, and for us to do the same.

6. Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

At NLM, we have created a work culture conducive to learning. All of our team members are encouraged and rewarded for keeping up with the latest news and innovations in the world of online marketing through print articles, journals, blogs, trade shows, and networking events. When change is in the headlights, we ensure that you have ample time to prepare and assimilate.

7. Bid management automation

At NLM, we NEVER use automated software programs to “manage” your accounts. Most PPC management companies today use this new technology, and it simply does not work in the clients favor. The utilization of this method only saves the management company money while wasting yours in the process. The only true way to manage an effective PPC campaign is to be hands-on, giving it your personal attention day in and day out, and having your pulse on every aspect of the campaign.