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Key elements to managing an effective SEO initiative that yields a high ROI.

1. Conference Call

We have a conference call to determine your targeted demographic, types of goods and/or services you are looking to advertise (we get fully acquainted with you and your business), and KPI’s.

2. Perform R&D

We will then perform R&D, run a SpyFu analysis on your competitors (to see what their top conversion key phrases are), create an SEO Protocol, send to you for approval, and begin the process of optimizing your website to all major search engines.

3. SEO/SMM Tracking

With SEO/SMM, tracking is paramount. We will setup tracking at every angle (calls, e-mails, and chats). We have a unique and proprietary call tracking service that allows us to see what key phrases your potential clients are entering to call your firm. This will allow us to make adjustments to increase leads, decrease lead costs, and increase conversions and overall ROI. We provide an identical management service for all conversions, e-mails, and chats. In addition, each month you will be provided a list of your conversions that led to actual closed business. You can then put a dollar amount next to each client and cross reference with your PPC spend so you can accurately figure out your ROI.

4. Website Optimization

When optimizing your website, there are many different ways to increase your rankings, but even more mistakes that can be made that will lead to you actually moving backwards in the search engine results. These mistakes include:

– Not using Analytics to see what Converts
– Not Optimizing for Local Search
– Not Optimizing for the right Keywords
– Not having Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
– Not using Anchor Text for Internal Links
– Using the same Anchor Text for Every Link
– Focusing on Link Quantity over Link Quality
– Using Poorly Written or Duplicate Content

5. SEO Techniques

Some of our SEO techniques include:

– Effective Link Building
– Creating Compelling and Actionable Title and Description
– Tags
– Utilizing Structured Data Markup
– Internal Link Mapping
– Mobile Optimization
– User Friendly-Shareable Content Creation
– Real-Time Management and ROI Centric Adjustments
– Review Portal Creation and Back Linking
– Social Media Content Syndication

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Who you have implementing your SEO makes all the difference. Now is the time to exclusively partner with a team as dedicated to building your business as you are.

I’ve worked with Michael Tate for many years. He is one of the most reliable vendors I have had the pleasure of doing business with. He always delivers on time, and below budget. Thanks to Mr. Tate, my website has stayed at the top of Google’s first page, and I have seen a huge increase in relevant traffic, and new clients.

Fred J. Fleming, EsquirePartner with the Sokolove Law Firm

We've gotten a greater number of good quality leads since working with Next Level. Before, we used to get roughly the same numbers, but more than half of them did not close. Now, we make appointments for more than 90 percent of our leads.

PartnerLos Angeles Divorce Firm

A lot of marketers tend to just tell you what they do and tell us to follow it. With these guys, it's collaborative and they're eager. They find out what's out there and just go get results for the client.

CEOMiami Soda Blasters Inc.

Next Level Marketing's knowledge is impressive. I met with quite a few other SEO and marketing firms before this... and this was the first one that was able to give me the reason behind every suggestion they had and then followed through.

Marketing Director(AMR) Acquisitions for Municipal Resources Inc.

We've seen a drastic increase in our rankings for important keywords and have developed a great deal of new business from these keywords. Our organic traffic shows the most impressive increase. New customers are finding us from all around the country because of the work of Next Level Marketing.

Sales ManagerNYC Plastic Surgeon

It was proven very early on that the Next Level team is filled with experts in the industry, and they know their craft, both on the back-end SEO implementations, as well as the content side.

Senior PartnerLarge Personal Injury Firm

They've done an excellent job. We are very satisfied. They give us great reporting. We get full data on cost per lead for the various channels. We're extremely happy with the level of contact that we have with Next Level Marketing.

Payment Processing CompanyCEO