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The Future of Email Marketing at Your Fingertips

Have you heard of CPC email marketing? If not, you’re going to want to pull up a chair and keep reading because it’s changing how brands across the globe are structuring their digital marketing initiatives.

The idea is simple – wouldn’t it be nice if you could send emails and only pay for the clicks they generate? You wouldn’t have to worry about unsubscribes and spam reports. You wouldn’t have to worry about taking weeks, months, and even years to build a well-oiled list. You wouldn’t even have to worry about subject lines, open rates, and CTRs.

You’re free to focus on what matters most to your business – results.

That’s what happens when you run a CPC email marketing campaign. You only pay when someone clicks or calls you directly from your email. That’s it. Nothing more and nothing less. Sounds too good to be true, right? We thought so too at first (and we’re email nerds!), but then we started running these campaigns and were blown away by their effectiveness.

So, how’s it work? We’re glad you asked. Find detailed cost-per-click email marketing info below. Or skip the reading and give us a call at 844 SEM-NEXT today.

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Email Marketing Without the List

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Despite being one of the original ways brands marketed themselves online, email marketing is just as effective today as it was way back in the ‘90s. This doesn’t mean it’s easy, though. In fact, part of what makes email marketing so valuable as a communication channel is that it takes A LOT of work to build and maintain a healthy list.

Make no mistake, email lists made up of high-value email addresses are the lifeblood of a successful campaign. Creating that list, though, sends shivers down even the most experienced marketers’ spine.

It’s time for a bold idea. It’s time for disruption to strike again. It’s time for Next Level Marketing to offer you a customized solution to your email woes – email marketing without the list.

We’re talking about targeted audiences and dynamic landing pages. We’re talking about conversion rates in the double digits. We’re talking about more leads generated than you know what to do with. We’re talking about nothing less than riotous success.

We’re able to offer this type of cost-per-acquisition email marketing thanks to our decades of experience in the industry. We’ve built relationships with brands across every vertical. They have opt-in email lists. We make use of these already existing email addresses to deliver your unique messaging to consumers hungry for a solution.

The rest? Clicks, calls, leads, sales, subscribers, and, above all, a steadily rising stream of revenue.

How Does CPC Email Marketing Work?

Our entire process is built around a single driving force – turning clicks into customers. This, in turn, is built around another the ability to translate great ideas into scalable realities.

If that sounds like a bunch of marketing nonsense, don’t worry. We’re about to break down CPC email marketing to its bare essentials. You’ll have to forgive us if we wax poetic for a moment first, though. We get excited by these kinds of data-driven marketing decisions!

So, how can you harness the power of CPC and integrate it into your email initiatives? Simple – you call Next Level Marketing.

We hop on the phone and discuss your targeted audience(s). How old are they? Where do they live? How much money do they make? How do they behave online? What gets them to convert? (Don’t worry if you don’t have these answers! We’ll figure them out during your onboarding process.)

After identifying your target demographics, our team sits down and brainstorms what your email’s going to look like. We take these ideas to our design team, who create HTML-friendly email templates and customized landing pages. Then our Mad Men-level copywriters come in and create subject lines so irresistible that they demand to be opened.

What are you doing during all of this? Sitting back and approving content without the need for exhausting list management. Once you’ve given the green light on the copy and creative, we work with the most relevant providers for your niche.

Then we start sending and you start seeing immediate results.

Call us today at 844 SEM-NEXT to learn more about CPC email marketing!

Why NLM?

Since Google is always changing its algorithms and ranking factors, your local SEO must be managed not only consistently, but most importantly accurately.  Our local SEO services will ensure all company information is correct across directories, listings, and social media accounts.  By doing so we will boost website visibility, domain authority, organic ranking, and earn higher local rankings than your competitors.

At Next Level Marketing, our goal is to get your business the most traffic, qualified leads, and exposure at an affordable cost.  By utilizing our set of proven local SEO techniques, we will in turn get your company the local rankings you’re seeking.  Contact a Google Certified Partner today to find out more information about our local SEO services.