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    Why NLM's PPC

    Our dedicated team is comprised of some of the earliest practitioners of paid search. Our exposure to the industry pre-dates the launch of Google, as we were one of the earliest adopters of Google Ads, launching our first campaign in 2001. Over his 18-year career, our co-founder is responsible for managing over one billion dollars in Google Ads spend. He has optimized thousands of campaigns that have generated his clients a substantial ROI, saving hundreds of millions of dollars in wasted ad spend. With over two decades of experience generating leads through paid advertising, you can rest assured you are in the best of hands with Next Level Marketing. For organizations that are brand new to the space or being dominated by their competitors, NLM’s PPC management evens the playing field—immediately. Let us help you capture your market today!

    What Makes Us The Best Display & Search Solution For Your Business?

    Expert Setup:

    We create search & display solutions that are proven to produce conversions, whether you’re a lawyer, surgeon, or e-commerce store. No two businesses are identical, so no two advertising campaigns should be either. Each campaign that we build leverages the optimal product mix based on your business model and goals.

    Why NLM's PPC Management?

    At Next Level Marketing, we are well-equipped with Paid Advertising Specialists who are certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, and a vast majority of other paid platforms. Our team of marketers has a broader skillset than most and a deeper knowledge of how PPC campaigns should be run.

    A/B Testing:

    A/B testing ad copy and landing pages is crucial to running an efficient campaign. We view the process as a critical component of a successful PPC initiative. We employ a full marketing team and development department that can create winning ads and relevant landing pages to maximize conversions for any business.

    Real-Time Account Optimization:

    If you let Google, or any algorithm/software for that matter, optimize your campaigns for conversions, you will fail. Data needs to be mined in real-time, by real people, who have a vested interest in the success of the campaigns and have their finger on the pulse. Our team never uses algorithms to manage our clients’ campaigns and money. Each campaign is managed in real-time by a dedicated professional. Every aspect of your campaign will be scrutinized and analyzed (as it should be). We use these metrics to maximize our clients’ profitability through paid search.

    Conversion Optimization:

    After a click conversion, we use heat-mapping and visitor recording to understand how users interact with your website. Utilizing this data, we can assess potential pitfalls with your website and restructure your landing pages to increase conversions.

    Data-Driven Keywords & Orientation:

    Intelligently run campaigns utilize laser-focused keywords alongside the implementation of thousands of negative keywords, which are cultivated on a client-by-client basis. Having the right keywords and negatives are only the beginning, finely tuning your match-types plays an integral part in the success of your campaign as well.

    Expert Tracking:

    All paid ads are tracked within their respective interfaces, but we also integrate this data into our proprietary tracking platform to understand which keywords, ad groups, and campaigns are most successful. With this information, we can continuously optimize your campaign to increase conversions. All of our clients have full administrative access to their client dashboard. We want our clients to see how this process works and are 100% transparent when it comes to our reporting.

    Quality Score Optimization:

    We maximize your campaign’s “Quality Score” to ensure that you are receiving the highest positioning possible at the lowest cost. Lower costs lead to better utilization of your budget, receiving lower-cost conversions, and maximizes your ROI.

    Award-Winning Ad Copy:

    Digital advertising is a game of inches. Small changes in your ads response rates can trigger massive improvements in your profitability, lower your CPC, and increase your positioning. All of our text, display, lightbox, shopping, and remarketing ads are custom-created and trial-tested. We use historical call-to-action data we have collected over the past two decades to ensure our clients receive a high conversion rate from the start.

    Pinpoint Targeting:

    Targeting your ads properly, to the right audience, is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful campaign. Google, for instance, allows you to target by location, age, gender, interest, device, parental status, income, and many other metrics. Knowing your targeted audience, setting up parameters, and optimizing based on collected data is key.

    Continuous Strategy Experimentation:

    Some PPC marketers make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on sticking to old strategies. The best PPC marketers invest in new strategies to uncover incremental traffic while still caring for their core campaigns. We will conservatively invest a portion of your monthly budget in new strategies at a level reflective of your risk. We openly share our strategies with clients and will keep you informed of what we are doing to improve performance.