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Mobile Search

With the new era of smartphones and tablets, mobile search has turned into a way of life for consumers around the globe. Statistics show that 80% of people do not leave home without their mobile device and 61% of smartphone owners use their phone to search every day. Consumers are using their phones to find restaurants, to shop, to research, and more. Mobile PPC ads are your ticket to reaching out to users on the go, who are looking for information, and are intent on making a purchase.

If you do not have a mobile friendly website or are not running mobile ads in your AdWords campaigns, then you are losing out on sales every day. In fact, it is projected that mobile search will account for 50% of all paid search clicks. Mobile search is rising year-over-year and will continue to rise, which means advertisers must adapt or their competitors will steal clients and sales from right underneath their noses.
Consumers are using their mobile devices to:

1. Research Information
Consumers research information on their phones and are looking for directions to a store/restaurant, phone numbers, product information, etc.

2. Buying Products
Consumers now use their mobile devices to purchase products as well. Most mobile users are making inexpensive and impulsive purchases on their mobile devices every day.

3. Search Now & Buy Later
Studies show that consumers start off by doing research on their mobile devices and will continue their research on a PC, where they will convert either through purchase or form submission.

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Setting Up A Mobile Campaign In AdWords

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With mobile search on the rise, setting up a mobile campaign in AdWords is a necessity. Mobile PPC Campaigns can be a pain to set up. That’s why our team of Certified Google Partners can set up these campaigns for you. Our experts will:

Make Mobile Bid Adjustments
Our AdWords experts will make sure your ads are visible on mobile devices by setting mobile bid adjustments in your campaign. If mobile bid adjustments aren’t set your ads will never show.

Create Mobile Preferred Ads
If you decide to not create mobile preferred ads Google will just show your desktop ads on mobile devices, which could turn ugly considering you must tailor your ads to mobile devices. You need to create mobile ads that include a short and relevant call-to-action and utilize call extensions.

Ensure Your PPC Landing Pages are Mobile Friendly
What is the point of having all these mobile ads if your ad takes you to a landing page that isn’t mobile friendly? Potential clients will most likely leave your website if it is too slow or doesn’t work on mobile platforms. Our experts will make sure your website and landing pages are mobile friendly and will attract customers, not scare them away.

Utilize Call Tracking to Report on Mobile Success
Like PPC campaigns on desktop, you also must install conversion tracking on your mobile ads. Since most conversions wind up being a phone call, call tracking is a must. Our experts will install and test call tracking on your campaign down to the keyword level. This will give you the ability to see which ads and keywords are bringing in the most conversions so you can make ROI centric decisions to optimize your campaign.

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– Anna Shapiro, Esq., LLM, Founder & Personal Injury Attorney at Shapiro Law Group, PC.

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