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“What gets measured, gets managed.” -Peter Drucker

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Having a great website and marketing it across various online verticals (SEO, SMM, and/or SEM) is only the beginning.  Once we have your website branded through our various digital marketing initiatives, analyzing your traffic/visitors is paramount to maximizing your campaign’s ROI.  To truly maximize your ROI, you must be able to comprehend and constantly analyze your initiatives, campaigns, social marketing and client behavior.  By doing so, you can continuously improve on the effectiveness of your campaigns, maximize results, enhance user experience, and increase conversion ratios.

We have the knowledge & expertise to sort through the big data, focus on the most important metrics, transpose that information clearly to our clients, and use it to benefit their accounts.

In addition to being Certified by Google for Analytics, NLM has created proprietary tracking software to track our clients’ every conversion.

Next Level SEM - Tracking Marketing ROI

Proprietary Tracking Software

Next Level SEM - Google Analytics

We want our clients to see how the process works, and we are 100% transparent when it comes to our reporting practices.

When a Client enters your site thru any of your various digital marketing verticals, we can track the following:

  • Eye Movement – What catches the user’s eye on your website?  Images, content, video, call-to-action, etc… (heat-mapping)
  • Location Tracking
  • Behavior Monitoring
  • Demographic Monitoring
  • Overall ROI – Traffic, Impressions, CTR%, Conversions, Site Rank, Cost, CPC, Cost Per Lead & Cost Per Conversion
  • Call Tracking.  Dynamic Insertion of a Unique Tracking Number(s) (NLM proprietary call-tracking system).  Allows us/you to track calls down to the keyword level
  • Conversion Tracking – Form/E-mail/Chat Tracking (NLM proprietary conversion tracking).  Allows us/you to track digital conversions from your website, down to the keyword level

The Strategic Advantage of Metric Tracking

Results Generated Last Month

By tracking these metrics, it allows us to:

  • Suggest/Initiate Changes to our Clients’ Websites and/or Marketing
  • Understand what Keywords/Actions are Converting
  • How they are Converting
  • Why they are Converting, or not Converting
  • What we can do to Eliminate Wasteful Spending
  • How we can Increase Conversion
  • How we can Increase Effectiveness of each Campaign & Overall ROI

Because we are an incentive-based digital management company, when you are successful, we are successful. The more we are able to grow your business through our online marketing initiatives, the more you will trust NLM to be the one-stop shop for all of your online media needs.

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